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Will a 1999 Ford Ranger 4x4 motor interchange with a 1998 Ford Ranger?


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as long as it is the same size motor it should

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The answer to your question is no. 1988 to 1998 interchange.1999 to 2002 interchange.

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Yes, but will also need to change the power steering pump and bracket as well as move the idler pulley to the power steering pump side of the motor.

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1998 to 2002 4x4 trannys will interchange.

tire size for 1998 2dr ford ranger is?

No, 1999 back window will only interchange with 1998-2001. other interchangeable parts are determined by the part.

NO.. In late 1999 Chevy REDESIGNED the engines and transmissions. Anything from late 1999 and up will NOT interchange with anything under late 1999

5W-30 ( according to the Owner Guide )

Yes. The 3.0 block, heads, intake manifold and other main components remained the same for about a 10 year period. The only changes are in the ignition, and emissions systems, not fuel injection.

The motor itself will fit in the truck, but not without major modification.

Not unless the 1998 body is a ZX2.

passenger side, at the back of the motor next to the firewall

You have a 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0.

of course it will, there all the same motor from 1995 thru 2001.

You have to remove the coil springs and there is an opening to get at them

2.5 liter 4 cylinder , or the 3.0 liter or 4.0 liter V6

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NO it will not. The 96 and 97 year transmissions are DIFFERENT then 1992--1995 and then from 1998 to 1999. If it is a 1996 are 1997 year then The ONLY ones that will interchange is a 96 and 97 no other ones will fit those 2 years.

The 2.5 liter ( gas ) four cylinder in a Ford Ranger is : 1998 and 1999 ( 117 horsepower ) 2000 and 2001 ( 119 horsepower )

No. Ford Rangers may have a variety of manufacturers parts in one engine. For example, my Ranger has a Mitsubishi motor with a Mazda transmission.

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