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No, they are quite a bit different.

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Q: Will a 2.4L engine out of a 2000 dodge stratus fit in a 2001 dodge stratus?
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Will a 2.5L engine out of a 2000 dodge stratus fit in a 2001 chrysler sebring?

No, they are not interchangeable.

2001 dodge stratus firing order?

Which engine?

What is the cost to replace dodge stratus engine?

I had to replace the engine in my 2001 stratus SE and it ran me 900 dollars.

Where is the oil switch in dodge stratus 2001?

The oil switch on a 2001 Dodge Stratus 2.7L engine is towards the rear of the block on the right side of engine. The switch is covered by a triangular shaped heat shield that is secured by three bolts.

2001 dodge stratus 2.4 engine be removed from top?

No, is removed out of the bottom.

Where is the oil pump located on a 2001 Dodge Stratus SE?

The 2001 Dodge Stratus was built in 4 engine code offerings. The 3.0L V6 has a mechanical oil pump attached to the engine block. Its part number and manufacturer is DNJ Components OP131.

Which way does the thermostat go in a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

the spring side goes into the engine

What does the charcoal canister do on a 2001 dodge stratus?

holds fuel vaporso the engine does not "diesel"

Did dodge make a 2 door stratus in 2000?

No, the 2 door coupe in 2000 was the FJ body Avenger. The 2 door ST body Stratus came out in 2001.

What weight oil is used for a 2001 dodge stratus with a 2.7 engine?

10w30 synthetic is best

Where is the fuel temperature sensor located on a 2001 dodge stratus engine?

It does not have a fuel temp sensor.

Why is your 2001 dodge stratus overheating?

why is my 2001 dodge stratus se over heating after i replaced thermostat and bled the system

Where the engine computer located on a 2001 dodge stratus?

under the hood on the right side, right on top

Where your brake sensor on 2001 dodge stratus?

the brake sensor for the 2001 dodge stratus is located on the inside of the car under the brake paddle.

Where is the oil filter located on a 2001 Dodge Stratus SE 2.4L?

on the right rear of the engine kind of high.

Can you put a 2001 Dodge Neon Engine in to a 2000 Dodge neon?

Yes there is no difference in the two years 2001 was a carry over from 2001.

Where is the VAF sensor for Dodge stratus 2001?

Never heard of such a part on a Stratus.

Where is access panel for fuel pump on 2001 dodge stratus?

A Dodge Stratus does not have an access panel. The tank needs removed to access the pump.

Does 2001 dodge stratus rt have rear disc brakes or standard brakes?

The 2001 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe has disc brakes all around.

Will a 1995 dodge neon motor fit in a 2001 dodge stratus?


How do you know if you need a ignition switch for Dodge Stratus 2000?

my brother has a 2001 stratus and had problems with the ingnition switch turning forward. we hired a lock smith to repair it at a fraction of the cost.

If the check engine light stays on how do you get the fault code on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

You need a scan tool to read fault codes.

Freon in 2001 dodge stratus?

r 134a

What color coolant for 2001 dodge stratus?


What color antifreeze for 2001 dodge stratus?