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If the 2002 is a 1500, no.


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The 1995 5.9L had EGR, the 2002 did not.

It may "fit" under the hood, but it would not work. The engines are different, computers are different, wiring harnesses are different, and transmissions are different.

Mazda Millenia hoods from models 1995 to 2002 will fit on a 1995 Mazda Millenia. The Mazda Millenia was first launched in 1995.

2002 Ram 1500- no 2002 Ram 2500, or 3500- yes

While it would bolt in, it would never run correctly. The 2002 didn't have a 5.2L option. The 1995 has EGR, the 2002 doesn't.

No. The 1998 to 2002 hoods are sculptured in the front to fit the restyled headlights.

Parts from a 2002 Dodge Ram will not fit on a 2008 Dodge Ram. The parts will not fit because of the years in between them.

no a 1993 -1997 hood will not fit models 1998 -2002

No the tail gate will not fit, they are different

no it will not the body style is different

No, only a 98-02 Camaro hood would fit an 01 Camaro

The 2002 1500 parts do not interchange with a 2000.

Manual, yes Auto, will fit but it won't shift. 1995 has an hydraulic governor, while 1996 is electronic.

I don't believe that the rim will fit over the front hub on the 1995.

yes the hood will fit. neons are almost a ''special-t'' at our shop.

Yes, but you will have to use your 1995 intake.

They will fit on the 1995 if it is 4wd, the rim will not clear the front hub on a 2wd.

A 2003 Dodge motor will fit in a 2002 Dodge Durango. The motor mounts may need to be changed, in order for the engine to sit correctly.

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