2000-2005 Dodge & Plymouth Neons

Will a 2003 neon motor fit in a 2005 dodge neon?


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yes 2000 to 2005 all had the same motor

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not positive but as they are both second gen I think it should

no a 2001 dodge neon motor will not work in a 2000 neon

yes it will, only a few mods will need to be done

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where are the motor mounts located on a 1999 dodge neon

There was no 1994 Neon.There was no 1994 Neon.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2005 dodge neon?

Yes, valves can bend if the timing belt breaks.

No 2003 was a new refresh on the Neon, the shape and curviture are different.

yes it will and a eclipse motor will fit in a neon

There was no 2009 Dodge Neon. 2005 was the last year.

2005 Dodge neon has a rear adjustment for TOE only

The Dodge Neon SRT 4, which is a 4-doors compact sports car by Crysler, was first manufactured in 2003 by Dodge and stopped being manufactured in 2005.

the gap is .035 for a 2003 neon

The engine is dropped out of the bottom on a Dodge Neon.

According to fueleconomy.gov, a 2003 Dodge neon gets 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the Highway. The annual fuel cost of a Dodge Neon is about $2000.

No it won't. The SRT-4, along with other 2003-2005 Dodge Neons have a different headlight mount assembly than 2000-2002 Dodge Neons. If it was 2003-2005 it would fit.

DO NOT PUT A NGC MOTOR (2003-2005) in anything but a NGC car!!! Your motor has a better compression ratio anyway. You will spend a minimum of atleast 1,000 man hours wiring and soldering a standalone engine managment together then a standard swap. Find any year between 96-2002... those will work just fine.

yes it will any of them from 95 model to a 99

Yes it will quite easily, you have to swap intakes.

Yes. My sister lost her neon motor due to the timing belt breaking.

A 2005 Neon has a timing belt not a chain.

The battery is under the hood on the driver side in a Dodge Neon.

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