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Yes it will fit all models of Taurus.

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Q: Will a 205-70-15 tire fit a 1994 Taurus?
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Will the radiator from a 1994 Taurus fit a 1998 Taurus?

No - way too many changes made to the Taurus between the 2 model years.

Will a 205-75-R15 size tire fit a 1999 Ford Taurus?

Yes it will

Will a trans out of a 1994 Ford Taurus fit in a 1996 Ford Taurus?

no,the 96 is electronically controlled,the other trans is not

Do the struts from a 1994 Taurus fit a 1994 Lincoln continental?

Yes, they will fit. You may have to drill new body mount holes for the rear struts.

Will a255-70-16 in. tire fit on a stock 1994 Ford Explorer without rubbing?

will a 255/70/16 tire fit on a stock 1994 ford explorer without rubbing

Would 1993 Taurus stationwagon taillights fit a 1994 Taurus Stationwagon?

Yes ,both vehicles use the same taillights

What is the tire size for a 2000 Ford Taurus?

The standard manufacturer specification is P215/60R16. Other sizes may fit. Talk to a tire dealer about your options.

What is the biggest size tire you can fit on a 1994 camaro?

depends on the rim

Can a 1994 Ford Taurus engine fit into a 1996 Ford Taurus gl?

yes,why not...because it may have small difference in its external part...but not in engine

What other tire size can fit a 1994 Toyota Camry?


Will a 1997 ford contour transmission fit into a 1994 ford Taurus?

Simply put: no, won't work.

Can you fit a spare tire in the bottom of the back of a 2002 Ford Taurus station wagon?

Yes.A full sized spare tire was an option at the time of purchase, and that is exactly where it was stored.

Will transmission from 1995 Taurus fit 1999 Taurus?

yes it will fit...thay are all the axod trannys and any Taurus transmission will fit in any Taurus there is.

Will 2156515 tires and 2057015 fit on same rims?

assuming you are putting them on a stock wheel the short answer is yes.there is approx. .5 inches difference in width.

Will 20 inch rims fit on a 1994 Chevy caprice classic?

yes 20' rims will fit with the right tire size..

Does 1996 Ford Taurus windshield fit 1994?

The Taurus / Sable design radically changed in 1996 making the windshields, and probably all window & body parts incompatible.

Will a 1994 ford mustang stock tire fit a 2004 Chevy cavalier?

The tire will fit if it is the same diameter as in 15". The wheel however will not fit as the bolt pattern is different. You should install the exact same size tires as came on the car.

Will OEM rims from a 2000 Taurus fit on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

The bolt pattern on the 1996 Taurus to 2004 Taurus is the same , its 5 on 4 and 3/4, so it will fit.

Will twenty two inch rims and tires fit on a two thousand Ford Taurus?

no. major supension modification would have to be done. twenty's fit, but rub some even with a low profile tire. On a 02 Taurus, 20inch rims will fit with no rubbing or modifications. 235/35/20. been on for 3yrs with no rubbing.(railroad tracks, speed bumps,extra passengers)

Will a Dunlop D402 MU85B16 77H rear tire fit a 1994 Ultra Classic?

Dunlop recommends a 3.00" or 3.50" rim for this tire. The only problem with your bike might be fender clearance.

What will a engine and transmission in a 2000 ford Taurus fit in?

It will fit in the same year Taurus and Sable, nothing else.

What rims fit a 1996 Ford Taurus?

Taurus and Sable have their own sized rims from 96 to 2001. Other Taurus rims and Tempo and Windstar rims will not fit.

Will 22 inch rims fit on a 1994 caprice?

They will fit. The stock tire height is 28 inches. 22x8.5 or 22x9 with 255/30r22 will be 28 inches. They will fit perfect. Might need upgrade brakes for heavier wheel. Its best to keep same wheel/tire height width and weight. The closer the better.

Will a 1999 Taurus sho engine fit in a 2001 Taurus?

Yes it will "fit" but the re-wirng problems are very complicated.

Can a 1996 ford Taurus engine and transmission fit a 1994 Taurus?

yes you can use the engine if you use all brackets, mounts and exaust manifolds that came out of the car that your puting the eingne in. the transmission may fit check tag numbers to verify the transmission is the same because ford used mor than 1 transmission in these years