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yes, they are purley resistive. The wires would draw more current in order to put out the same amount of power. Dont hook it up off of 208 unless the manufacter says you can.

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Q: Will a 240V water heater operate normally with a 120V 208V service coming off a three phase transformer?
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Why voltage of transformer go up beyond the set voltage when carrying out transformer test?

Transformers without regulators in them will output voltage depending on the voltage coming in. For instance if you have a 230v to 110v transformer then you will have a ratio of 23:11 this means for every 23 turns in the transformers primary side you will get 11 turns on the secondary, so if you have an input voltage of 247v then the output voltage will be around 118v, conversly if you have an inout voltage of 221v then the ouplut voltage will be around 106v.

Where does the neutral come from when turning 3 phase into single phase say in a street substation?

Canada and US transformer connections To best explain this, visualize the three primary line that you see on pole tops in industrial areas. The voltage between these three lines is about 12,460 volts. Eight feet below these top lines that is a single conductor. This conductor is grounded every three poles with ground rods and is used as a ground (neutral) on wye connections. When you see a pod of three transformers mounted together they are combined into a three phase system. From each of the three high voltage lines, the voltage goes through three separate fuses and down to a high voltage bushing in each of the transformers. Inside the transformer the voltage goes through a coil and exits the transformer through a second high voltage bushing. This bushing is tied into the grounded conductor (neutral) and then down to a grounding pad completing the circuit. This connection puts 7200 volts across the transformers primary coil (12460/1.73 = 7200. The secondary voltages of these transformers are determined by the customer that wants the three phase service. It could be 600,480 or 240 volts. Each single transformer has two output bushings. These bushings can be wired into either a delta or star configuration depending on what the customer ordered. In a single phase service, the name is derived from just using one of the three primary lines that are used above. It is the same primary connection, but the secondary is a bit different. The output secondary coil has three bushings coming out of the transformer. On the two outside bushings is the working voltage (house connections 240 volts). The middle bushing is a center tap of the secondary coil. This gives a voltage of (bushing left to center 120 volts) and (bushing center to bushing right 120 volts) The center tap of this transformer is grounded and connected to the single grounded eight foot lower conductor. The single phase service neutral is established at this point. These three secondary points are connected by triplex to the homes weather head where another connection is made to the homes service distribution. This is classed as a 120/240 volt service.

Can steam coming from your car engine mean you are low on oil?

if it's coming from the tail pipe or an exhaust leak, it means you have a blown head gasket!

Is there a way to cut and re-thread a shower pipe that is already coming out of the wall?

You Can but typically the pipe for the shower head that is coming out of the wall is just a short piece of pipe that you should be able to remove easily enough by unscrewing it. Then you can just replace that piece with a new one. == Answer== Do the same as above but make sure your shower arm is not floppy, if it is you could tear up the riser coming to the arm. Be very carefull.

What voltage are electrical lines coming into a house?

For the USA its 240V (120V on each line/phase).

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The main supply will first come from the power company to a transformer to reduce the voltage then from the transformer to the weatherhead then through the house meter to the main disconnect on the outside of building then to the switchgears main. The cable coming from the transformer to the meter and to the top of the main disconnect is the Main service cable

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What is the transformation ratio in a transformer circuit?

It depends on the voltage that is on the primary winding and the voltage coming off of the secondary winding.

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