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Yes, the tranfercase can be swaped over, the 3.9 v6 has the same bolt pattern as the 318 v8

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Q: Will a 2WD transmission interchange with a 4x4 tranny in a 92 Dakota automatic V8 and what years will interchange?
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Will a 1990 Honda civic automatic transmission fit 1990 Honda prelude si?

No. The Prelude has a B20A5 motor. The civic will have a D-series tranny. They will not interchange (B and D series parts do not interchange).

Where is Transmission Fluid reservoir on a 2000 VW Golf?

On a standard tranny there is no reservoir. On an automatic tranny it is internal to the tranny. The fluid resides in the transmission pan.

Where is the shift selonoid on a dodge Dakota transmission?

Inside tranny

Will a f10d transmission from a 1993 f-150 interchange with an e40d tranny from a 1990 bronco?


Where do you add automatic transmission fluid to a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

You pour the tranny fluid into the transmission dipstick tube. Use a long skinny funnel if you need to. and remember to always check the tranny fluid while the truck is running and has been warmed up at least 60 seconds.

Where is the modulator located on a2001 dodge Dakota transmission?

under the tranny filter

What tranny fluid to use on 98 mustang v6?

For the manual transmission ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) For the automatic transmission ( Motorcraft MERCON - V - automatic transmission fluid According to the Owner Guide

Where to top up the transmission fluid on a manual 1998 Honda civic vti?

and automatic transmission does not require tranny fluid, as it is a "manual" and not automatic

What is the cause if dodge automatic transmission is slow to shift?

dirty tranny fluid

What is an automatic tranny?

A transmission that does not use a clutch and pressure plate to disconnect from the engine.

Can you adjust an automatic transmission on a 93 Escort 1.9L motor?

My answer is no; because of the complexity of the tranny. Leave tranny repair to the experts.

How much automatic transmission fluid goes in a 94 camaro?

on an automatic transmission 5-6 quarts and on manual tranny 2 1/2 - 3