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ANYTHING will fit into a 1983 Caprice Classic. Are you asking if it will bolt up to the tranny?

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โˆ™ 2009-10-15 05:20:01
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Q: Will a 305 high output engine from a 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo ss fit into a 1983 caprice classic?
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Will a Monte Carlo door fit an 86 caprice classic?


Can you put a 1983 caprice classic body 4 door on a 1983 Monte Carlo frame?


Is the 1983 Caprice Classic chassis same as the 1983 Monte Carlo?

I believe so, but I'm not positive and I'm not a mechanic.

Do 1989 Monte Carlo ss rims fit on a 1993 caprice classic wagon?

I believe the answer is no. I have wheels that fit on a camaro, an s-10, and a gmc s-15. They don't fit on my 93 Caprice. Bolt pattern is different.

Do 1986 Monte Carlo and 1986 caprice use the same spindles?


Will Monte Carlo seats fit in a caprice?

78-87 Monte Carlo is a G-Body GM car that is smaller than a 77-90 Caprice which is a B-Body GM car. The seats in a Monte Carlo will fit in a Caprice, but they may not look quite right. You will need to do bolt location modifications. I would not recommend trying to use a bench seat from a Monte in a Caprice. It is not wide enough.

Will an intake from a 93 caprice fit a 86 Monte Carlo if they both have 305 v8's?

Not likely since the 93 Caprice 305 was fuel-injected and the 86 Monte Carlo 305 was carbureted

How to remove engine 2001 Monte Carlo?

how to remove the engine of the 2001 monte carlo step by step

What vehicles have the same steering column as a 86 caprice?

77-85 Impala, 77-90 Caprice, 78-83 Malibu, 78-88 Monte Carlo/El Camino

What type of engine does a Monte Carlo have?

what year?

Why is white smoke coming caprice 1992?

White smoke usually indicates a water leak into the engine block. Blue or black smoke would indicate an oil leak. possibly pistons!! my 88 Monte Carlo did that

What year does a 1983 monty Carlo turn to a classic?

generally "classic" is considered 20 years old, while antique is 25.

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