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Q: Will a 350 chvy motor fit in a 1982 cutless supreme?
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How can you wire a chvy 350 motor up to run?

It depends on the year of the vehicle, whether it's throttle body injected, electronic ignition...

What does the code p2101 mean on chvy Malibu 2006?

Trouble code P2101 means: Throttle actuator control (TAC) motor-range/performance

What country makes chvy cars?

the Chevrolet cars are made from America by naseem

Where is the camshaft position-acuator on Chevy hhr 2008?

Replacement of a 2008 Chvy Camshaft Sensor

Will a steering column from a 95 g20 chvy van work in a 89 van of the same model?

It should.

What size Allen wrench do you need for a 1996 chvy c1500?

to do what? if it is brakes you need 3/8" Allen

Why wont my 1988 chvy cheyenne 1500 start but you can smell gas when you are by the motor I changed the plugs and wires thinking that could be the problem?

Check the ignition coil on the Cheyenne. If it is ok, check the timing. The timing chain could have slipped or broken causing the engine to not start.

How can you repair low compression in cylinder?

how to fix a cylinder #1 has low compression diagnose on 2.9 chvy colorado 2007

Where is the knock sensor located on a 2002 chvy 5.3 liter engine in a silverado 2 wheel drive?

Its under the intake manifold.

When should the timing chain be changed on a chvy Malibu 1999?

Timing chains will normally last the life of the engine and are replaced during a complete engine rebuild.

Why does the car not start after changing the fuel pump to a 1984 chvy caprice?

I would probably think it's because you may have installed the fuel pump incorrectly or have the wrong type.

What is average price for parts and labor for replacing intake manifold gaskets on 2003 chvy silverado 5.3 liter?

I had some minor work done to my 04 and it cost about 200.00 to replace them!

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