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if it's the same size it will fit actually.

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Yes, they are both TJ wranglers, the top should fit

No, Wrangler x is a stretched out version of a Wrangler, the top is longer.

yes it will, 97-06 will fit. i have a 98 and i put a soft top on it from a 04

No it should not fit 94 is a YJ and the 02 is a TJ

no doors are different. cj 7 will fit but not tj.

Yes, YJ to YJ should be a perfect fit.

No, 2003-2006 is a diff. size. 97-2002 will fit

No that will not work, 05 is a TJ and 92 is a YJ

What other years will my 1999 jeep soft top fit!

Yes the tops are the same for that year . You can order tops with no doors,half doors, or full soft doors.same top

No it won't -different soft tops & dimensions for the TJ (2001) vs the YJ (1995)

Yes. Almost everything from 1997-2005 is exactly the same.

As long as you have had a soft top on before and have the door surrounds it will fit right on they are both Jeep wrangler TJ. The soft tops are the same from 1997 to 2006.

Yes. Model years 1997-2006 are interchangeable.

No. 1995 and before are different than 1997 and later.

Yes, the TJ equipment should interchange across all years.

It should not work, yoursi s a TJ, and the 93 is a yj

No, Jeeps changed from the YJ body style to the TJ body in 97, the tops are not interchangeable.

Yes that should work, they are both TJ's and most parts will interchange.

No. A YJ (1995 and before) is different than a TJ (1997 and later).

If the Jeep was originally a soft top, you can put a hard top on it quite easily.

Yes. 87 and 88 are the same as long as the factory hardware is still in place.

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