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The new National Drivers Registry Act requires all states to post a DUI or DWI conviction with the drivers home state. Most states have a reciprocal agreement with other states to report the more serious driving violations. DUI is considered to be one of the more severe among most states, and as such, a DUI will be forwarded to the licensing state provided that the judge and clerk are doing their job.

2007-05-22 18:37:24
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Will DUI records show up on a license if a person moves to another state?

Yes, under the Motor Vehicle Records interstate compact your DUI . record will transfer with you when/if you move to another state

Can you get a license in another state if your license was permanently revoked for DUI in Florida palm beach county?


Will a DUI arrest show on a criminal search?

Yes, DUI is a criminal offense in all states, and if nothing else will show up on your drives license records as well.

If you have a DUI in California can you get a license in Arkansas?

If you have DUI charges in California I would suggest you work through it whether you have moved to a different state or not. If you need more help regarding your DUI charges in CA, you can contact at Barhoma Law P.C.

Can you get your driver's license back once revolked?

depends on the state and how many DUI you have

I got a dui in washington state recently is it possible to get a license in nebraska without the nebraska dmv seeing my charge in washington state?

No, you will not be able to get a license in Nebraska with a DUI in Washington. They will see your charge as soon as they run your information.

If you got a DUI in mn and they said your mn license is suspended but you have a nd license is it still good?

No, all your license are suspended. The DMV computer system goes through every state, so if you get pulled over they will know that you have a DUI and a suspended license.

Can you still get a CDL license after two DUI convictions in the state of Wyoming?

You can, but nobody will hire you.

What are the geographical limitations on DUI misdemeanors?

Unclear as to what is being asked. If you are charged with DUI there will be a record of it on your state drivers license records. ALL states share their DMV files - you cannot simply go to another state and apply for a new license.

Can you get your License to sell Life Insurance if you have a DUI misdemeanor in the state of California?

Contact your State Department of Insurance and they can tell you.

As a first-time offender convicted of DUI you could face what in state of Florida?

SIx month loss of drivers license and option to attend classes. POSSIBLE hardship limitation to license considered if you can show cause why.

Can you get mft license with a DUI?

Can I still receive a California License to practice as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapy if I have a DUI in my past. I received the DUI in 1992.

If you have a DUI suspension in Ohio can you get a license in any other state?

no not unless you lie and you dont want to do that

Can you leave the state if you have a DUI?

Yes, as long as none of the following apply: -Your DUI charge has suspended your license and you are the driver of a vehicle leaving the state -Your DUI charge has left you on probation and part of the probation has required you to not leave the state -Your DUI charge has left you on probation and part of the probation has required you to contact your parole officer (PO) for approval to leave the state.

Can you leave the state of Georgia to travel out the country if on probation for a DUI?

According to my DUI lawyer, travel outside the country requires the judge's approval.

Why do you have to have a drivers license?


Will an unconvicted DUI come upon checking of drivers license?

It will not show up on a regular drivers license check but if the officer runs a criminal history check it will show that you were arrested for the offense but not convicted.

Does a bus driver loose license after DUI charge?

That will depend on his employer. The state laws for a bus level license may also play a part.

How many demerit points are taken off of a license when one has been charged with a DUI?

The amount of demerit points taken off a license when one has been charged with a DUI offense depends on the state laws of where the violation was charged.

How long does a DUI stay on your record in MD?

In the state of Maryland, a DUI will stay on your record for five years. A first offense carries a 120 mandatory suspension of your license to drive.

Does a DUI show up on record with another state with no drivers licence number from the out of state DUI?

Yes, the offenses are customarily also cross-indexed by the individuals name and DOB.

Can you get a drivers license in Tennessee before you get my georgia drivers license suspended for DUI?

No. Even if you establish residence in Tennessee before the suspension goes into effect, the state of Tennessee will refuse to issue a licence while the DUI charges in Georgia are pending.

If you get a DUI in Virginia is there any other state that you can get a license in?

When your licence is suspended in one state, it receives recognition from all states, and no other state will issue you one.

Can you still get a cdl license after two DUI convictions in the state of Montana without ever having a cdl license?

You can get a CDL. The difficult part will be finding employment.

You have a DUI in New Jersey can you get a drivers license in kaksas?

yes as long as your a resident of kansas now its a different state.