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Q: Will a IGG tell if your immune to certain immunizations?
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Is the result of my rubella igg test 292 ui per ml normal?

According to LabCorp test results, a result for Rubella IgG of 292 IU/ml means that you are immune to Rubella. According to LabCorp test results, a result for Rubella IgG of 292 IU/ml means that you are immune to Rubella.

Name three features of secondary immune responses that distinguish it from a primary immune response?

Primary Immune response: 1) Smaller Peak Response 2) Usually IgM>IgG 3) Lowere average Antibody Affinity Secondary Immune Response 1) Larger Peak Response 2) Relative increase in IgG and under certain situations in IgA or IgE ( Heavy Isotype switching) 3) Higher Average Antibody Affinity ( Affinity Maturation)

Rubella IgG was 19.4 what does it mean?

Rubella IgG of 19.4 means that you're immune to rubella, likely due to immunization when you were young. You don't have to worry about getting German measles.

What does a raised IgG level and sensory hearing loss mean?

These may not be related at all. The first issue is that of IgG. There are five main types of antibodies or immunoglobulins known as IgA. IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. IgM antibodies are the "first responders"when the immune response is raised and confers short term immunity whereas IgG serves as a "memory" antibody that confers long-term immunity. A high level of IgG indicates that the immune system is producing a high level of long-term immunity antibodies. There are immune disorders that result in sensorineural hearing loss but they are relatively rare. Statistically speaking, these two findings are probably unrelated.

Does a positive result for CMV IgG indicate a current or past infection?

Generally a test for IgG antibodies can determines exposure to the disease agent (or vaccination). The immune system responds to regions. There is a rough correlation between the amount of antibody to the concentration of antigen (what triggers the immune response) and level of antibodies, but it isn't absolute. CMV IgG indicates past infection, and does not say anything about current infection.

What class of antibody is produced in the primary immune response?

The class of immunoglobulin that is produced in the primary immune response is Immmunoglobulin M (IgM). On secondary exposure, the class that predominates would be Immunoglobulin G (IgG).

Can I get a Blood test for food allergies?

Yes. You can take a simple blood test to identify,elevated antibodies to food allergens and delayed food sensitivities (IgG).The ALCAT Test also differs from standard IgG tests in that they rely exclusively on one immune pathway, serum levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG). In fact, high food specific IgG titers are indicative only of exposure, not necessarily intolerance.

When was IGG Software created?

IGG Software was created in 2003.

What is IGG Software's population?

The population of IGG Software is 9.

What are some examples of antibodies?

Some examples of antibodies include IgA, IgM, IgG, and IgE. Antibodies are a form of proteins that make up the immune system of the body.

Can you be Immune to Measles?

Yes, immunity to measles arises from either previous infection or vaccination with the MMR vaccine. Immunity can be confirmed by the detection of IgG antibody specific to the measles virus.

What does it mean to have high immunoglobulin G levels?

High IgG levels does not lead to a diagnosis without further details of the types of IgG which are elevated. An increase in certain IgG subclasses is associated with diseased states especialy IgG4 in allergic diseases, asthma and cystic fibrosis. With the wording used in the question it could imply that the person is mearly at the outlying area of normal distribution (reference range), just as some people are "tall" some people have naturally high IgG titers. On the plus side a high IgG titer means it is highly unlikely (but not impossible) that the patient has any immunodeficient diseases associated with IgG.

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