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yes, but it depends on what you mean by work. it will physically be able to work eg. call and text but im pretty sure the US sim cards will not work in UK's phones.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-12 08:01:26
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Q: Will a UK cell phone work in the US?
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Do you need a special cell phone to call a UK cell phone from a US cell phone?

No - usually the mobile networks will do all the 'hard work' for you.

Can headphones from North America be used in the UK when plugged into a computer?

If the headphones work on a PC in the US, then they will work on UK PCs. However if your headphones come from a cell phone, then they will not.

Will a UK mobile phone charger work in the US?


How do you dial from a us cell phone in uk to a us cell phone in us?

The most reliable method is to dial in full international format: just prefix the US phone number with +1, including the plus symbol.

Will a US phone work in the UK?

no. different frequency but I wish

How do you dial US cell phone from UK cell phone?

Just dial +1 (including the plus symbol) followed by the 10-digit US telephone number, for mobiles and landlines.

Does tmobile UK work in the US?

Tmobile UK may work in the United States of America, but for best results ask your mobile service provider in order to know. Many cell phone companies have international plans now.

What number do you need to dial an American cell phone from the UK when The cell phone user is temporarily in the UK?

I think that the phone number is still the same so you would call it as if it is in the US. To answer my own question, (they have been here and now gone home again), you dial +1 followed by cell phone no.

How do you send a text message from your cell phone to US?

Just like you would to any other place - by using the right telephone number. For instance if you're texting from the UK to a US phone, you need to use the US country code, and to drop the first zero in the cell phone prefix. If you're texting to a UK phone in the US, simply use the same number as if the phone was in the UK. The network jeeps track of where the phone is. Note that some contracts and prepaid phones might not allow international traffic.

How do you call a US cell phone from a UK cell phone?

Calling the US is always the easiest of international calls to make. From a cell phone you must first dial the + symbol and the number 1 into the phone. Your dial out number should read +1, the area code (3 digits), then the phone number (7 digits).

How do you dial a US cell phone in the UK?

If you are calling a US-based cell phone that is at the moment physically in the UK, you just dial the US telephone number as normal. The physical location of the cell phone does not affect what you dial to call it. The cell phone user will pay any roaming fees that may apply. If you are calling a US cell phone from the UK, use telephone country code +1, followed by the 10-digit US telephone number. If you are calling from a mobile phone, you should be able to enter the number in full international format, beginning with the plus symbol. Otherwise, substitute the UK's international access prefix 00 for the plus symbol. Note that, unlike the UK, where mobile numbers are assigned to nationwide non-geographic codes, US cell phone numbers use the same geographic area codes as landlines, and are completely indistinguishable from landline numbers. Calls to US mobile phones are charged at identical rates to calls to US landline numbers.

Can a US cell phone work in Australia?

Yes it will as long as it is GSM and it is unlocked

Can a us cell phone place calls in the UK?

yes if you get international calling or buy a calling card.

What percentage of people have a cell phone in US?

From research carried out in 2012, approximately 86% of the US population had a cell phone. It's lower than the average for developed countries with the UK, for example, reporting 92% ownership.

Is the LG Voyager Mobile available in the UK?

The LG Voyager mobile phone is not available in the UK. LG Voyager mobile is a CDMA phone, which does not work outside the US.

How do you dial a US land line from a US cell phone in the UK?

Prefix the 10-digit US number with +1, including the plus symbol.

Who has a cell phone?

Most people in the US have a cell phone.

If you buy a phone in the US will it work in the UK?

No. It won't work.If, we want to that phone has to work, then we would have to buy the new SIM card in UK.Then, surely it works...

Why do cell companies in US charge us for making AND receiving calls and texts when in UK you only get charged for making the call or text?

In the US, cell phones are given numbers with standard area codes so there is no way to know if it is a land line or cell phone. Telephone operators do not make different charges because callers are unaware of the type of telephone they are calling. The additional costs of connecting to a cell phone are therefore paid by the cell phone subscriber rather than the caller. In the UK, cell phones have their own area codes, always starting with 07. Callers are able to identify the number as a cell phone. Telephone operators are therefore able to charge the caller rather than the cell phone subscriber. Both charging methods have their own benefits. In the UK, cell phone users cannot be charged for unwanted calls or for texts so costs for using a cell phone are easier to control. In the US, cell phones can be called without paying big premiums. A UK call from land line to cell phone can frequently cost 30p per minute or more (45c per minute).

When was the cell phone introduced to the US?

when was the first cell phone introduced

How do you dial a US cell phone in the UK from the UK?

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How do you text a us cell phone from the UK?

From a cell phone, dial +1 at the start. From a landline, dial 001 at the start. For example: +1(XXX)-XXX-XXXX or 001(XXX)-XXX-XXXX

Where are cell phones from?

There are many cell phone manufacturers scattered world wide. The most popular ones are: US, Canada, UK, Japan, Finland and China.

How do you dial a US landline from a UK cell phone?

Dial +1 (including the plus symbol), followed by the 10-digit US telephone number.

Can you order a iPad from us to UK?

yeah bu it may cost extraCheck to see if it will work first. The cell system/computer system is different in the UK and Europe from the US and it may not work on their systems.