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Will a caregiver with narcissism resort to physical abuse of her paralyzed spouse?

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The label "narcissist" is used too freely and is a cheap Band-Aid label as far as not trying to understand that person. Unless a person has been a caregiver they have no idea what a tough job it is. No one is a saint and being a caregiver 24/7 is a tough job. Instead of labeling the person talk to them and see where you can help. One person trying to care for someone such as a paralyzed spouse or any person suffering from a debilitating disease is exhausting and perhaps the caregiver needs advice and to know there is a lot of help out there. Either you can help a little by looking after this paralyzed person once in the evening so the caregiver can have a break, or suggest getting in some nursing care a couple of times a week or even a housekeeper. If the person won't listen to reason and you fear they are so worn out that they will harm their spouse then try to find out who the doctor is and send a CONFIDENTIAL LETTER to that doctor. He/she will not give your name, but when the patient comes in to see him or the caregiver he can more readily offer some help. Often people that are coping with an ill spouse don't realize the help that is available to them.

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