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this Q was anserrd bye taryn a 13 year old gril the konws dogs really good

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When you get sprayed by a skunk it is the worst experience of your life. Your throat will get sore, your eyes will water, your nose will run, and your stomach turns. I can't explain it. Just don't go looking for it.

No, but it can irritate your nose and eyes badly.

Sure, problems with your nose.

"The skunk smell was appalling to her sensitive nose."

Cover mouth and nose during infant CPR because it is too hard to cover only the mouth or nose.

Well, so the buggers and snot from your nose don't spread out and come hit people.It makes it so no one gets sick.Answer from: Special:Contributions. Edited by: User:Joe4321.When you sneeze you spray droplets of viruses and bacteria into the air. The covering of the nose is an attempt to stop the droplets of stuff getting sprayed in the air. It is also viewed as a common *curtsy to cover your nose when you sneeze.-Covering your mouth is more important though. That's because most, if not all, of the droplets that come out when you sneeze are from your mouth.--------------------------------------------------------*SpellChecked and/or were spellchecked and was fixed

the three adaptains of an animal are eyes nose and mouth

Usually when you go swimming and water gets in your nose, there's ameba in the water, and when it gets in your nose you get amoeba.

a cat with a paper cut, a skunk with a nose bleed or a news paper

Cut it's nose off. *ba dum chh* Thank you, thank you.

you have a pimple in your nose if you press on it and it gets smaller

My dog has been sprayed twice in 2 weeks! My dog just got sprayed in the eye a couple nights ago and I didn't know what to do. Well, immediately I put my dog in the bathsprayed him and I made a mixture of lemon and vinagar and pored it over his body for the smell. Then I just washed him with tearless dog shampoo. You want to wash the dog as quick as possible so the oils wont stay. I washed his eye in the water and put the shampoo around his eye and just plainly washed it off. I heard that if the dog gets sprayed in the eye it can be blinded for about 2 days. With this easy method my dog was not blinded. After you give the bath lays some towels down on the floor and usually they will roll around and rub their eye. Then wipe their eye gently and dry them. You might want to cover their bed with something else just in case. The next day I washed him again and i tried a little bit of mouthwash and again gently washed his eye off too. You can use tomato sauce (but be careful it can stain the dogs coat), you can use mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide (BUT NOT ON THE EYE'S MOUTH or NOSE), or vinagar and lemon. I have found that these methods work but be careful with their eye's because they are sensitive. Good luck!! Both of my dogs got sprayed in the eyes by a skunk, and we used tomato sauce, and baking soda. Of course one of our dogs just had sergery on his paw, so that is wrapped up, then this morning we found that he has slipped a disk in his back, and now his back two paws are paralized. Not to mention, we think he is blinded by the skunk. He keeps squinting and looking all drugged.

maif you have a fan somewhere in your room and your nose gets dry,you get a bloody nose in the morning

Snot protects your nose. So when you get sick, a reaction takes place. Your nose goes into overdrive creating snot and then your nose gets blocked.

Yes you should cover the infants mouth and nose with your mouth when performing CPR on an infant.

When dust or dirt gets in your nose it causes you to sneeze so you can clean your nose.

i have long side swept bangs and they cover my nose ring when they are in my face.

My Westie's nose gets to be warm and dry when he is tuckered out. His nose is a little drier in the winter, and turns a little brown then.

Perhaps you have allergies. Maybe, you need a nose job.

the proboscis monkey gets a red nose when hes angry or excited

1.Inhalants are breathed in through the nose or mouth. They may be sprayed into a plastic bag, poured into a bottle or soaked onto a cloth or sleeve before being inhaled. 2.Sometimes they are inhaled directly from the container or are sprayed directly into the mouth or nose. This method is very dangerous because it can cause suffocation.

maybe because of the trauma or the force that is being done on the nose.

yes when something gets into there nose or if they are cold