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The water will irritate your skin.

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Q: Will a high pH level in a swimming pool harm you?
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Can you get head lice in a swimming pool?

Not if the pool has a proper level of oxidizer in it

If you work in a swimming pool shop will the chemicals harm your baby during pregnancy?

if you are in constant contact and you inhale the substances regularly , high chances they will.

How do you lower calcium level in a swimming pool?

You have to drain the water down and add fresh water in the pool. Try not to use so much calcium hypocrite (Shock) in the pool because this could be why your level is high.

Do real coins harm swimming pool water?

No, if the water chemistry is right, there will be no impact on the pool water chemistry.

What will swimming in a chemically imbalanced pool do to you?

Swimming in chemically imbalanced swimming pool can give harm into your health. You need to keep in mind that every pool must have clean water, free from algae, dirt and sediments. There are may tips that you can get online on how to properly balance your swimming pool chemicals.

What is the Minimum and maximum level of cynuric acid in the swimming pool water?

what is the safe level of cynuric acid in a pool

Is it harmful for your dog to drink chlorinated swimming pool water?

No, the chlorination will not harm the dog.

What is the width of a high school swimming pool?

The width of a high school swimming pool is 25 meters. Short course pools are more common at highs schools and public swimming locations.

How can you level a above ground swimming pool after the pool is up and the ground was not?

Disassemble the pool, grade the site, install pool

The pressure level on your swimming pool is only 5?

It is not possible to have a pressure level on your swimming pool! However the pressure on the filter gage could run anywhere from 5# to 35#

Is High temp in swimming pool safe?

If you are swimming competitively and aggresively, it can make you sick.

Is 2 inch difference of level ground okay for ground swimming pool?

If this is for an above ground swimming pool, I would level the ground before putting up the pool. Otherwise, the weight of the water might collapse one of the walls of the pool.

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