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What transmission is in a 1995 Chevy Cheyenne 305?

4l60e deep or shallow pan, or 4l80e, (depending on the bolt pattern on bottom of tranny, auto zone can tell u the bolt patterns to what tranny)

83 caprice 305 tranny slips what could it be will tranny from a 350 Chevy fit on a 305?


What transmissions will mount to a 305?

All Chevy V8's and inline 6 use the same bolt pattern and it is different from the bolt pattern used for Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Cadillac. A transmission that fits one Chevy V8 or inline 6 will fit any other V8 or inline 6. Not sure if V6 uses the same pattern.

Will a turbo 350 transmission from a 250 inline 6 bolt up to a gm 305 engine. tranny from a 73 and engine from an 88?

Yes. May have to improvise the kick-down cable.

Will a 350 motor mount to a 305 transmission?

a 350 is the same block and has same tranny bolt pattern as a 305.

Will a Chevy 305 bolt up to the stock tranny in a gran prix that came with a v6?

All rear wheel drive GM bell-housings are the same .

Will a 305 Chevy engine fit a c4 tranny?

Not without an adapter.

Will a Chevy 305 bolt up to a Chevy 2.8 litter 4x4 transmission?

No, different bolt pattern.

Can you put a turbo 400 transmission on your Chevy 305?

You can if it has the Chevy bolt pattern.

Can a Chevy 305 distributor fit in Chevy 350?

Yes. Its a direct bolt in.

Will a 1991 305 TBI bolt up to a 1984 s10 4speed that originally had a 2.8 liter?

That tranny will be a th350 or a th200R4 and both of those trannys will bolt up to a 305.

What tranny is in a 1997 Chevy 1500 half ton 305 motor?

That would be the 4L60E

How do you bolt a 91 Chevy 305 transfer case to a Chevy 350 transmission?

with bolts and tighten

Will a 305 high output engine from a 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo ss fit into a 1983 caprice classic?

ANYTHING will fit into a 1983 Caprice Classic. Are you asking if it will bolt up to the tranny?

Will a olds305 tranny fit a Chevy 350 motor?

If it's for a 305 it's a Chevy and will interchange with a 350. If it's an Olds, it won't.

Will a 5 speed transmission from a Chevy 1500 work on my 305 small block El Camino?

and would i have to buy el camino parts for Chevy 1500 tranny or would i buy Chevy 1500 parts for the tranny?

Will the Chevy 305 350 and 454 bolt up to the same transmission?

Yes, it is the same bolt pattern.

Will a Chevy 305 engine adapt to a three speed transmission in your 77 Chevy truck it use to have a 250 inline six?

Yes it will with no problems.

Will a 305 Chevy engine and a 4.0 jeep engine bolt to the same transmission?


Will a th400 transmission bolt onto a gm 305 small block?

as long as it is a chevy bolt pattern th400

A 1978 Chevy Nova 5.0L 305 engine uses a 2 or 4 bolt?

That would be a 2 bolt

Will a 305 from a Chevy Impala transmission bolt up to a 350 small block?

Yes it will, Direct bolt up.

How do you put a350 Chevy motor in a1989 Chevy pick-upthat has a 305?

It will bolt right in but, the "Y" pipe on the exhaust system from the 305 will not fit on to the 350.

Will a 200 transmission work on a 1984 Chevrolet 305 4 bolt main?

most Chevy trannys made for small blocks will bolt some additional information .... Chevy never made a 305 with a 4 bold main only 2 bolt main

Will a 75 inline 6 trany 4 speed fit a Chevy 305?

yes it will work you will be geared low