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If its empty no. And it depends on your firing distance and the weight of your BB you are firing.

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Q: Will a milk jug hold up against a 300 fps airsoft gun?
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What exactly is an Airsoft M16?

The Airsoft M16 is a popular Airsoft rifle because it is lightweight and on the cheaper end of Airsoft guns. It also has a magazine capacity of 300 rounds.

What is a good fps for an airsoft gun?

300 to 375

Which airsoft gun should you get a spring ak47 fps-300 airsoft gun or a m14 spring sniper rifle fps 390 airsoft gun?

go for the m14, unless its cheap looking.

Can a 300 fps above airsoft revolver break a side mirror?


What is 300 oz skimmed milk?

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How much would a airsoft m16 magizine hold?

Many companies sell m16 style magazies. They may be real-cap and have 30 rounds, mid-cap and have 50-100, or hi-cap 300 rounds.

Where can you find the cheapest good quality airsoft guns that are between 300-350 FPS?


Where to get an airsoft Thompson? just go to an airsoft website you'll find it. do not buy a cheapish buy one that's like 200 to 300 dollars.

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Where are airsoft pellets sold at?

Airsoft pellets sold at between 100 to 300$ by the place. This amount can vary across the globe and especially across different cities of United States of America.

What is the average price of an Airsoft sniper rifle?

Airsoft sniper rifles can be bought for as little as $50 and as much as $300. The average price seems to be around the $150 mark but could be purchased cheaper as used on ebay.

What would a p90 airsoft gun sell for?

That really depends on the brand, anywhere from 60 bucks up to over $300.