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A nose piercing, should you no longer want to have it, will usually heal itself and present a scar afterwards.


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Nope. It will only close up if you have an infection

It is called a nose piercing.

no Megon fox does not have nose piercing

It depends on where the piercing is. If it's in your nose then if will take a couple hours to close; if it's in your ear then probably a day or two.

Yes, you can use ear piercing cleaner on a nose piercing.

the hole will close over or it could get infected

your nose piercing should effect you in no way when you eat.

no prodigy doesn't have a nose piercing

No. Go talk to your doctor if you want the piercing to close up that badly. Over time the piercing will shrink and will become unnoticeable

Yes you can tan with a nose piercing, but I wouldn't recommend it. It dry your piercing out and cause "crusties".

there are 3 different types of nose piercings. a nostril piercing, septum piercing (through the septum of your nose), and bridge piercing (placed on the upper bridge of your nose)

no she doesn't have a nose piercing but i do know that she has snakebites (hoopes) and a monroe piercing on her left upper lip.

yes its totally save to take a shower with your nose piercing in

It is not advised for you to have a nose piercing while working at Carter's.

Well, I'm a witch and I have a nose piercing on my nose. What do you have on your nose?

No it's a nose piercing nothing more nothing less.

If the piercing is recent, very carefully, once it is healed, you can clean it as usual.

First you buy a new nose ring. Second you wipe the peircing with piercing cleaner Third you carefully take out the nose ring Fourth you wipe the piercing with more piercing cleaner Fifth you carefully put in the new nose ring.... TADA!!!!

A lip piercing hurts worse. nose is more cartilidge and has less nerves than the lip.

you have to be 15 and over to get a piercing .

A nose piercing can make your nose stand out.

This all depends on the persons ability to heal, it will vary from person to person.

Well that depends on the person who's wearing the piercing. Both piercings if done correctly will look stunning on most women, it's what you want to say about "you" that matters, not the piercing. So talk it over with your friends and have a discussion with your piercer then decide from there.

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