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Will a printer rated to use USB 3.0 work when you connect the printers USB cable into a USB 2.0 port on your computer?


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Yes, it will. USB 2.0 has forward and backward compatibility.

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This depends on which printer you have.Some printers have a serial cable and the newer ons have a usb cable. You connect the cable to the computer at the back . Then reboot your computer. You then insert the driver CD into the computer and then install the drivers for that printer.

No, you do not need to use a firewire cable. A lot of printers can now be connected wirelessly.

This is a 25 pin cable, usually used to connect a printer to your computer (parallel port). Most printers connect using the USB cable anymore, as other external devices.

Depends on if the printer is wireless and if you are using a wireless cable. Most HP printers use a standard USB to printer cord. However, we would have to know the exact make and model of your computer to help you out

maybe the printers cable is not properly plug on the printer port on the computer

Today most printers are connected using a USB cable and some are connected via network cable or via wireless networking. Earlier printers were connected to a PC computer using either a parallel printer cable or an RS232 interface cable.

It's one way to connect a printer and computer together.

A printer attached to a computer, either by wifi or cable, is used to print on paper data sent to it from a computer.

using a usb cable which is a connection between the computer and the printer only or wirelessly which means everyone on the network can use the printer but only if computer and printer is wireless

System Preferences, Printers and Scanners, open the lock, and choose your printer to set it up.

If they are a fairly recent computer and printer you will use a USB cable to connect one to the other.

first of all plug in usb to parallel printer cable into the computer windows automatically installed found new hardware after that connect the cable into your printer

A cable or wifi. If a cable is used, it may be classed as a serial, parallel, or USB connecting cable - depending on the type of printer.

Your printer will probably have two cables it needs - a power cable and a USB cable (if it is a modern printer). The power cable will need to go to a power socket, while the USB cable will need to go into your computer. Once plugged in, its possible that Windows will automatically install the printer drivers. If not, in the box the printer came in, software is usually provided that will get it working. If that still doesn't work, you will need to go to the website of the printer manufacturer and download the driver appropriate to your computer.

Printers are commonly connected by one of three waysOlder printers (and some new ones) are connected by a special cable that runs from the "Parallel Printer Port" on the computer to the printer.Most newer printers can be connected by a special USB cable.Some new printers can also be connected by wireless either directly or via a router. IF ALL ELSE FAILS, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

The use of a network cable for a computer is to provide a number of computer the same function. This provide the ability to connect with many printers and fax machines.

A USB printer cable is used to allow a computer to send commands to the printer. The computer must have the appropriate "Driver" software, which will allow it to send the correct commands over the cable. For very small printers, the USB cord is able to provide about five volts of power.

You can connect a printer using Ethernet if the printer has an ethernet jack. If not you can purchase a used HP Jet Direct box on E-Bay for $10, which has a parallel connector that works for older printers. The printer connects to the jet direct via parallel cable, then a CAT 5 (Ethernet) cable to a hub, switch or router. If you are using Windows choose Add Printer , Local Printer attached to this computer, create new port, arrow down to TCP/IP port and type in the address from your router (192.168.1.X).

Usually, nowadays, by using an USB cable or by wifi (wireless). A serial or parallel cable connection is less used except on much older printers.

You have to connect the printer to computer which has either wireless card or computer connected to the wireless router with a cable. After that connect the printer to the computer and go in printer settings. The one you need is sharing. Choose "Sharing", and add users allowed to send print jobs.

It should work. If you don't have any 3.0 connectors, it should fall back to 2.0 mode.

If in relation to Computer Printers? I would understand the term communication is the ability for the computer to talk to the printer, either by a cable connection or by wifi.

It depends on the printer. Most new printers are "network ready" meaning you just turn them on, and either plug in a network cable to the back of the printer, or get it connected to you wireless network. If you have an older printer, or your printer is not "network ready" you'll need to attach the printer to your computer via a USB cable, and enable file/printer sharing on the computer that the printer is attached to (this will vary greatly depending on the Operating System you use).

If the computer has wireless capability, then you can set up an ad hoc network for the computer and printer (only).If the computer doesn't have wireless capability at all, then it should be fairly obvious that attempting to connect to a wireless printer (or anything else) wirelessly is going to be an exercise in futility.However, most wireless printers (I won't say all, but all the ones I've personally seen) have cable ports for connecting via more traditional methods as well.

By "wired" do you mean a printer connected directly into a computer that is connected to a (home/business) network? Possibly using a Serial, or Parallel, or USB cable connection? Whichever way, the printer should show on the list of computers/devices on the show network/drives link. If Windows: Start > Computer > Network > Printers (if my memory is correct). Ubuntu: Home > Browse Network > Printer.

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