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one is a Chevy and one is a Chrysler, you do the math.......


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Absolutely yes, 22 inch rims can fit on a 1967 impala. They fit well, its the biggest rim to get without adding a lift to the car.

16" X 6.5" 5 Lug 115mm bolt pattern rim with P225/60R16 size tire.....

A friend of mine has 24" on his... sits pretty high though and you have to remove the wheel well

it depends on the stile of rim you use and how far you are willing for the tire to stick outside the body lines.... my tip is go look for rims that fit the impala.

YES you can fit 20's on a 2003 cavalier. The rim can be as wide as 8.5 inches and the tire size must be 225/30r20. The lug offset for the rim must be 5-100. The reason why I know this is because I have a 2003 cavalier on 20s

No - the largest wheel that can be safely installed on a Chrysler 300M 1998 - 2004 is a 20 inch wheel with tires that are 245 35 20. This will provide the same diameter size and roll rate as the standard 225 55 17.

No only 22" inch rims will go that's the minimum FOR A 2003 CADILLAC CTS.

The lug pattern is the same but the 2003 has a larger disk brake needing a 17" rim so a 16" rim off a 2001 will not fit. However you could put the 03 rims on the 01.

Yes, both those will fit same rim

Yes, a 1.95 tire can fit a 2.0 rim. You can probably fit anything between a 1.75 to 2.125 tire on that same rim.

I do not believe that it would clear the caliper.

No. Last two digits are the rim size. A 15" rim certainly cannot fit on a 16" tire and vice-versa.

will a silverado 2007 after market rim fit a 2007 nissn titan

Tires fit onto the wheel rim

No. Chevy and ford 1/2 ton wheels will not interchange.

Will as 20 inch after market rim that's on a Chevy fit my Titan

A 35 offset rim will fit a Kia Sorento that has a bolt pattern of 5x139.7. A 35 offset rim will also fit a Kia Sorento with a bolt pattern of 5x114.3.

NO, it will not fit the rim safely

will a 15 inch rim fit a 1997 dodge ram 1500

Will a 06 Toyota tundra rim fit on a 2011 Ford expedition

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