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Will a squirrel eat grass?

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No it will not.

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Do squirels eat plants?

NO squirrels do not eat grass because when i gave a squirrel grass he did not eat it but, when i gave a squirrel a acorn he ate the whole thing and threw it at me

Does ground squirrel eat grass and flowers?

yes they eat all that

Does squirrel eat grass?

No, I see that they only pick the grass up with their teeth and throw it aside.

What do Antelope Ground Squirrel eat?

they eat grass, leaves, ocotillo flowers, and seeds

What does a squirrel monkey eat?

its diet contains dead flowers grassits diet contains dead flowers grass

What food can you feed to a ground squirrel?

Ground squirrels eat seeds, insects, and plants such as grass, clover, etc.

What do German grey wolves eat?

meat n veggies (rabbits, squirrel, goat, sheep, occasional grass(for indigestion))

What are the wolf's hunting habits?

They are carnivores so they eat meat such as elk, moose, deer, rabbit, squirrel, fowl, and grass.

Will a black bird eat a squirrel?

No blackbirds would not eat a squirrel.

Is it correct to say squirrel eat fruits?

squirrel eat almonds and nuts but rearly eat fruits

Would a cougar eat a squirrel?

A cougar would eat a squirrel depending if he is hungry or not.

What does a golden mantled ground squirrel eat?

what does a golden manteled ground squirrel eat

Will an adult squirrel eat a baby squirrel?


Does a fox eat a squirrel?

Yes, a fox will eat a squirrel. If they can catch them they would certainly eat them. If they can catch them they would certainly eat them.

what does a grass hopper eat?


Do birds eat grass?

Birds eat grass indirectly actually. They eat animals that eat grass but birds do not eat grass directly.

Can a lizard eat a squirrel?

Depending on the size of the lizard and the squirrel. Lizards eat insects mostly.

Does an eagle eat a squirrel?

I just saw a bald eagle eat a grey squirrel today

What do black squirrel monkey's eat?

Black squirrel monkeys eat grasshoppers and lady bugs

Does a squirrel eat a black fly?

i have a report to do and i have looked all over the internet dose a squirl eat oak and spruce and blueberrys,moss,grass,pine,beech or black flys

What do grass rats eat?

Grass rats eat grass.

How much do squirrel monkeys eat daily?

The squirrel monkeys eat 12 grams of food a day if my calculations are correct.squirrel monkey addict

Do snails eat grass?

yes snails do eat grass, (or eat things in grass)

Do grass spiders eat grass?

no grass spiders do not eat grass. They get their name from living IN the grass NOT eating the grass.

Example of a energy pyramid?

Sun - grass - hawk - squirrel

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