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Yes, bolts right up.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-15 16:40:23
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Q: Will a turbo 350 interchange with a turbo 200 out of an 80 Monte?
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Will the tail shaft interchange from a turbo 350 to a 400 turbo?

No it will NOT interchange. The 350 and 400 turbo are actually VERY different transmissions.

Will a 454 interchange with a 350?

it should, i just put a 350 in a truck that had a 454 in it previously. mated 2 a 400 turbo tran

What size of transmission was put in a 1984 Monte Carlo G-Body when they were built?

factory installed turbo 350

What transmission will fit a 350 motor on a 1987 Monte Carlo?

Turbo 400 it's a 4 speed will it still work?

Will a turbo 400 from a 2 wheel drive work in a 4X4 350?

NO. 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive transmissions are DIFFERENT. They will not interchange.

What is the difference in a TH 350 and 350 turbo trans?

None, TH stands for turbo-hydromatic, hence th350 or 350 turbo.

What kind of transmissions can you use with Chevy 350 automatic?

turbo 350 or 700r4 turbo 350 or 700r4

Will a turbo 350 torque converter work in a turbo 400?

yes a 350 turbo converter will fit a 400 turbo and vice versa

What is 200 percent of 350?

200% of 350= 200% * 350= 2 * 350= 700

Will a automatic driveshaft and a 4 speed interchange in a 1979 camaro?

No, the length will be different. mine came out of a 350 turbo went straight into a muncie 4 speed no problems

What trans does a 1984 delta 88 have?

An 1984 Olds can either have a 350 turbo C or a 200 4R overdrive Automatic transmission the Same overdrive found in Some Buick Grand Nationals And Chevy Monte Carlo SS cars. The Buick gand National has the Strongest overdirve in the 200 4R series.

Will a 1978 Chevy 350 motor bolt to a 1992 Chevy turbo 350 transmission?

No turbo 350's in 1992.

What transmission fits a Chevy 350?

Turbo 300, Turbo 350, Turbo 400 and 700R4 are the first ones that came to mind.

Will a 427 bolt up to a 350 turbo transmission?

It will if it is a turbo 350 with a Chevrolet mounting pattern.

Could the th 350 be as good as the turbo 400 rebuilt?

The 350 turbo is a good transmission but the 400 turbo will take more abuse.

Can you have a 350 with a turbo 350 transmission?

Yes of course. All Chevy engines are interchangible with transmissions. For example, you can have a 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 with a turbo 350, turbo 400, or 700r4 big block are also the same

What transmission will fit a 1977 camaro 350 engine?

I have a 350 turbo in mine Just about any transmission will work! Powerglide, Turbo 350 (lockup or non) or Turbo 400, even 700r4.

How many gears does a turbo 350 transmission have?

The typical turbo 350 has three speeds forward and one reverse.

What is 200 TIMES 350?

200 * 350 = 70,000

Do all 350 Chevy engine parts interchange?


Whats the Difference between turbo 350 and turbo 400?

Every part that is in the 400 is heaver and bigger then the 350. The 350 turbo is light duty, but can be modified to make it tuff. The 400 is already tough from the factory.

What transmission came in a 1979 Chevrolet El Camino?

The turbo 350 transmission came in a 1979 ElCamino.

Will a 350 turbo trans bolt up to a 4x4 pickup?

Yes, there are 350 turbo transmissions that will bolt up to a 4x4.

Will a turbo 350 transmission fit a 300zx twin turbo?

Your and Idiot.

Will a turbo 400 torque converter work in turbo 350?