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Yes, it is identical.

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Q: Will a windshield out of a 1999 Taurus fit in a 1998 mercury sable?
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How do install a used door window in a 1998 Mercury Sable?

I believe the "Related Question" below specifically addresses replacing the door glass on a Taurus / Sable.

Is a transmission for a 2000 Taurus compatible with a 1998 Taurus?

No. 2000 Taurus and Sable are the only interchange.

Where is th transaxle case in 1998 Mercury Sable?

In a 1998 Mercury Sable : The transaxle is the transmission on your front wheel drive Mercury Sable it is located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side , bolted to the engine

How many gallons of gas does your 1998 Mercury Sable hold?

According to the 1998 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : ( 16.0 U.S. gallons )

Where is the trunk light located in a 1998 Mercury Sable sedan?

If it's like my 1999 taurus, it is located on the underside of the rear dash inside the trunk.

How do you replace a horn in a 1998 Sable?

1999 mercury sable horn replacement

Where is the radiator in the 1998 Mercury Sable?

front of the motor

How do you fix the windshield washer tubing on a 1998 sable?

Replace it with new tubing.

Can you replace a fuel filter without replacing the pump on a 1998 Mercury Sable?

Yes - the filter is outside the tank, which is where the fuel pump is mounted. See "Related Questions" below - The Taurus information applies equally to the Sable.

What kind of freon does a 1998 Mercury Sable take?


Where is the trasmision in 1998 mercury sable?

The transmission ( or in the case of your front wheel drive 1998 Mercury Sable , the " transaxle " ) is located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side , bolted to the engine

What happens if you change the radio in a Mercury Sable 1998?

You have to learn all the new controls(??)Seriously though - See "Related Questions" below for more information about dash converter kits for this generation of Taurus / Sable and how to install an after-market unit.

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