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Q: Will adding progesterone cream cause your period to begin?
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Can low progesterone levels be the cause for pink spotting lasting for 2 days a week before the period is due?

Hi, Progesterone usually increases prior to a womans period and cause the period to arrive in some cases. Low progesterone may cause spotting but so does pregnancy.

Can taking progesterone cause you to have a period even if you are pregnant?

No. During pregnancy, the primary hormone produced by your body is progesterone. In order to have a period, you need a lackof progesterone.

Does progesterone cause constipation?

Yes progesterone may cause constipation.

Can passing hard stools cause a period?

At the time of a woman's menstrual periods, estrogen and progesterone levels are high and may cause constipation. High levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy also can cause constipation.

Does progesterone cause diarrhea?

Yes. This is why sometimes in early pregnancy or right before/during period you may notice loose stool or diarrhea. Progesterone causes the uterus to contract and can cause bowl movements

Why no period after taking progesterone pills?

The hormone progesterone can cause a delay in menstruation, if you are more than one week late and sexually active, you might consider getting a Home Pregnancy Test.

How do you cause an endothermic change and keep it going?

You might cause an endothermic chemical change to begin and keep going by: adding thermal energy.

How might you cause a endothermic chemical change to begin and keep going?

keep adding heat

What does little bleeding on the 24th day of the mentrual cycle followed by light spotting for 3 days and then regular period mean While spotting it was a combination of brown and then red blood?

This is normal. When you ovulate progesterone is released which tells the body to maintain the uterine lining in case a pregnancy will occur. The progesterone in the body lasts about two weeks. Towards the end of the two weeks the progesterone levels will decrease which in turn will cause spotting before your period, when the levels are at is lowest your menstrual period will start. When a woman gets pregnant her progesterone levels sky rocket to help maintain the pregnancy.

Can progesterone suppositories cause you to miss your period?

Yes, suppositories do cause you to miss your period. I was on it for several months and thought I could be pregnant until my doctor told me to stop the suppositories. Sure enough, I got my period within the next several days. They just aid in the help of conception, so it's sending signals to miss a period.

Can vitamin supplements cause your period to come a week early?

No, vitamin supplements cannot cause your period to come a week early - vitamin supplements are just vitamins, like what you'd consume with a healthy diet. Although Vitamin C in high doses can induce your period if it is due as it starves the uterus of progesterone.

If you are spotting before your period could you be pregnant?

One common cause of spotting several days before a period is low progesterone. Progesterone helps to maintain the uterine lining for pregnancy, and when progesterone levels drop, the menstrual cycle occurs. Progesterone-deficient women will see spotting several days to a week before their period is due. This can affect fertility and in some cases causes miscarriage. You can discover more about spotting in recommended link above. Spotting can happen while you are pregnant, so take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor to confirm. Light spotting followed by no period is actually one of the first signs of pregnancy.

A sudden decrease in estrogen and progesterone will normally cause?


Can low progesterone cause miscarriage?

Yes. It depends in how low, but definitely it can.

If you weren't sexually active for about a year and became sexually active in the last two months can that cause your period to be delayed especially when its irregular to begin with?

Yes but it is still a good idea to have a doctor check to make sure that your hormone levels are where they should be because your irregularity could be caused from low progesterone or high estrogen

Does a woman's nipples become sore during the first part of menopause?

Absolutely, not so different than the PMS symptom that you have had for years with your period. Progesterone can also cause that if you are taking it as a supplement.

Which effect does an increase in the hormone progesterone produce?

The ovaries produce progesterone. Changing progesterone levels could cause menstruation and menopausal symptoms that are not the norm. The hormone will help implant a fertilized egg in the uterus, or help maintain pregnancy. Progesterone is not to be taken while pregnant unless otherwise specified.

What can cause Dizziness hot flashes and nausea?

High level of progesterone in the body.

Does adding salt to a bread recipe cause the?

No, adding salt to bread does not cause a question mark...

Is there anything else that can cause your nipples to get darker besides pregnancy?

Hi - Yes there is : * Pregnancy. * Hormonal imbalance. * Approaching period. * Too much progesterone. * Medication you are taking. * Some birth control pills.

Would a sudden decline in estrogen and progesterone level cause fluid retention?


What kind of medications can delay your period without being birth control?

You can use a medication from your doctor called Norethisterone. Norethisterone is essentially a progesterone pill so it stops the drop i progesterone that would normally trigger menstruation. You start taking it three times per day from three days before your period is due to start, and continue taking it until you're ready for your period to start. It can cause heavier bleeding or cramping but typically your periods will continue as normal.

What can cause sore breasts and nipples?

Hello there. A approaching period can cause sore breasts and nipples so can any number of things from clothes or bra rubbing your breasts to early pregnancy symptoms and too much progesterone in your blood, hormonal problems, ovulating and being on birth control.

Does lack of testosterone cause feminization?

Not feminization, which is caused by estrogen and progesterone. But it causes a lack of male characteristics.

Does high progesterone levels in the body cause breast cancer?

Not exactly, estrogen-based hormones are usually the culprit, the problem is when progesterone is synthetically introduced say in the form of birth control pills, because it is the natural form of progesterone that can be beneficial as an agent against breast and endrometrial cancers. But synthetic progesterone does not switch on the gene responsible for mitigating harm because it is not recognized the way a natural progesterone is. Thus, using hormone therapy that is medical-based rather than natural forms of progesterone are less effective - try going to a healthstore and asking about Wild Yam and other progesterones that are natural depending upon why you might be interested in using progesterone.