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yes with anti-thef on your car

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Q: Will an alarm prevent your car from starting?
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Will your prestige car alarm keep your car from starting?

It really depends on how the alarm is wired into the car. If it is wired into the ignition system the yes it will keep the car from starting if triggered.

Does your car alarm on your 95 Dodge Intrepid keep your car from starting?

It can, if it is the full factory alarm.

Will after market alarm prevent Lexus sc400 from starting?

I would say YES

Why does your car alarm keep starting for no reason?

Faukt in wiring

Will the alarm system on a 95 VW Cabriolet keep it from starting?

yes, that's why it is an ANTI-THEFT system. You must stand outside the car, use the key in the driver's door and lock the car, then unlock the car. This should reset the alarm and allow for starting the car.

How do you disable car alarm Camry Toyota?

It is very easy to disable a Toyota Camry's car alarm. There is a toggle switch underneath the dashboard, on the left side of the steering wheel. Flip the switch while starting the car until you hear a beep. This disables the car alarm.

How do you deactivate a car alarm without the remote?

Starting the car with the key will typically disable the alarm. This happened with my '08, and the car won't start while the alarm is going off. I'm told to switch the car to on/then off position 3 times to deactivate it.

1999 Mazda miata all lights flashing and car wont turn over alarm?

The alarm can cause your lights to flash and keep the engine from starting. Remove the car alarm fuse, for 30 seconds. Put the fuse back into its original slot and the car alarm system should be reset.

Can you trust a car alarm system to protect your car?

You can trust your car alarm system as protection against thieves, up to certain limit. Alarm itself can not prevent car theft. It only warns and gives out signal to the owner about impending theft. You have to response promptly to such signal. The alarms connected to your mobile are more useful. In additions to car alarm you have to use other safety devices. The most important is not to leave your car in unsecured place.

An alarm sounds when starting your 99 ford ranger be?

You have to unlock the car and then start it up and then it'll stop the alarm but you sould get it checked out by a professional.

Can a alarm system stop the car from starting if something goes wrong?

maybe likely not

If you don't have your alarm clicker and you open your car with the key and the alarm goes off how do you get it to turn off on a 2000 Honda civic lx?

If a person uses a key to unlock an alarmed vehicle, the alarm can be turned off on the 2000 Honda Civic LX by starting the car and putting it in gear. Then, put the car in park and shut the car off. Start the car again and the alarm should go off.

What is a car panic alarm?

A panic alarm in a car

Install a Car Alarm?

form_title=Install a Car Alarm form_header=Having a car alarm can keep the vehicle safe and secure. What type of features do you want in the car alarm?=_ Does your car have a wireless keychain?= () Yes () No How sensisitive do you want the alarm to be?=_

How do you prevent carnapping?

Car napping is also known as auto theft. You can prevent auto theft from occurring by making sure your doors on the vehicle are always locked, and having an alarm system on the car.

Could a bad water pump prevent a car from starting?


How do you prevent a car from starting?

get a potato and shove it in there exhaust pipe

Will water in gas tank prevent car from starting?


Will brake switch control prevent a car from starting?

Not to my knowledge.

How do you remove the anti theft device off your car since somebody stole the chip?

The car alarm system is used to prevent theft

How is a driveway security alarm different from a home security alarm?

A driveway security alarm is different from a home security alarm in which it monitors any activities around your driveway. It can help prevent accidents from occurring and thieves from breaking into your car or house.

Replace a Car Alarm?

form_title=Replace a Car Alarm form_header=Protect your car from theft or vandalism by having a car alarm repaired. What issues have you noticed with the car alarm?=_ Would you like to replace the alarm with a newer model?= () Yes () No Does the car have keyless start?= () Yes () No

How does my alarm keep my car from starting?

When your alarm is going off, it automatically shuts off your fuel pump and other starting components, so that a thief cannot start the vehicle. It is an anti-theft mechanism.

How do you disconnect car alarm for 1999 Chrysler 300m?

You can disconnect your 1999 Chrysler 300 car alarm by removing the car alarm fuse. The car alarm fuse can be found in the fuse box.

Why does my 1993 Nissan Altima don't start but the lights on the outside of the car keep flashing?

Your alarm system is to blame for this issue, try disconnecting your alarm from the fuse box and try starting the car again.