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No. They only want to know about felony behaviour, not misdemeanor.

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2006-03-25 05:40:19
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Q: Will an employer check for a misdemeanor even if they only ask about a felony?
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Can you get a job with a misterminer on you record?

Yes, You can! By the way, its spelled misdemeanor. Most jobs wont even look at misdemeanor charges when they do a background check and in most states and circumstances, its actually against the law for your employer to ask about misdemeanors or put them into consideration for employment. Now felonies are another story, but even with them, you can still be employed, just your occupations can be limited by them depending on the felony.

You have a felony can you become a nurse?

Depends on the felony, if it is any kind of assault, even a misdemeanor domestic disturbance no. If it is a felony drug charge, no. If it is a sexual felony no. What about grand theft

How much stolen money is a Louisiana felony?

$300 or more is a felony. Anything less than $300--even if it is $299.99 is a misdemeanor.

If you were charged with a felony and they drop it to a misdemeanor and you plead no contest is it still being convicted of a felony?

No. Though it still may appear on your RAP sheet as a felony conviction (as RAP sheets suck). And, if you received a withhold of adjudication, it won't even be a conviction of a misdemeanor.

Does class D felony give you a criminal record?

Yes even a misdemeanor gives you a record

Is criminal negligent homicide a misdemeanor?

No. Even the least serious of a homicide is a felony in most states.

Is writing a bad check a felony in Michigan?

it's only a felony if you write over $500 in bad checks. it could be with one check or multiple but if your total is over $500, then yes, it's a felony. even at a misdemeanor you'll be wishing you never did it after all the fines and court fees and restitution. chances are, it was never worth it.

Why do you think that the law defines a conspiracy as a felony even though the underlying crime was only a misdemeanor or an infraction?

Because that's the way your state legislature drafted the statute. Just because the offense turned out to be charged as a misdemeanor offense does not mean that the way it was designed to be carried out wasn't a felony, or that a misdemeanor offense could not have escalated into a felony.

Is a DUI in Iowa an aggravated misdemeanor?

It depends. As a first offense, no. For repeated offenses, it can be and can even be charged as a felony.

Does Florida extradite for violation of probation for misdemeanor pocession of cannabis under 20 grams?

In Florida, Yes. VOP is a felony even if the original crime was a misdemeanor.

Is it a misdemeanor to stop payment on a check?

It could possibly be a felony depending on the size of the check. I've been served with an arrest warrant for stopping payment on a check before. It was for 750 dollars. It may be a misdemeanor or felony only if you stopped payment in an attempt to and with intent to commit criminal fraud upon the payee. Merely stopping payment on a check, even a post-dated check, is not a crime in and of itself. In other words there is no such crime as "stopping payment on a check." The crime is fraud, which may be perpetrated by stopping payment on a check.

Can you enter Canada from the United States with a felony on your record?

NO. They technically don't have to let you in even with a misdemeanor, which includes a DUI.

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