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Yes. They are the same from 1987 until 1990

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Q: Will an engine from a 1987 Z24 Cavalier automatic work in a 1989 Z24 Cavalier V6 stick?
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Where to find a 1987 cavalier z24?

i have a 1987 Cavalier RS Convertible in my driveway!!

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 1987 LS Acura?

1) Is it a standard transmission or automatic engine? 2) Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive? If it is a standard transmission, you wont have a dip stick. if it is an automatic front wheel drive, it'll be on driver's side front.

What is the gas mileage for 1987 Geo Tracker?

if it is an Automatic expect 30 mph on highway...1.6 l engine

How to replace 1987 cavalier serpentine belt?

use a15mm box wrench or the speical tool and pull up on the automatic tentcher pully NOTEthe way the belt runs

Where do you add transmission fluid on the 1987 dodge ram van It's the 15 passenger model with the largest available engine?

if automatic can add where the dip stick is and if manual you have to add on the side of the transmission but be sure to take off the plug that is the highest or you will get a bath.

What is the normal coolant temperature for a 1987 Cadillac Eldorado with automatic trans and 4.1 V8 engine?

Below 220 degrees .

What type trans fluid neede for 1987 Chevy s10 automatic?

Pull the transmission dipstick and read what it says on the stick, it will tell you what fluid it requires.

Where is the whole transmission located 1987 Mercury Cougar?

The question is if the transmission is a standard or an automatic, if it is a standard then the transmission is located directly behind the bell housing which is bolted onto the rear of the engine, if it is an automatic then the transmission is bolted directly to the rear of the engine

Where is the automatic transmission dipstick on a 1987 ford E 250 van?

Left side of the engine below air intake assembly.

Do you have a diagram for a 1987 Chevy cavalier z24 fuse box?

yes i have a diagram of a 1987 cavalier z24 fuse box from my owners manual, e-mail me at and I will make you a copy & send it to you. I own a 1987 chevy cavalier z24 myself with a 2.8l v6.

Does a 1987 Chevy Cavalier have airbags?

The 1987 Chevy Cavalier has airbags. Many of these were recalled due to an airbag defect. When returned to the dealer, the air bag sensors had to be reset.

Is a 1987 Honda Accord LXI four door automatic rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

A 1987 Honda Accord LXI 4 door automatic Is Front wheel Driver the Engine should be in sideways if so it is front wheel drive

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