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Will an iPod remote work with the iPod stereo connection kit?

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Well, if it came with it yes, of course! If it didn't probably not. Check to see. That is all I can say. Thanks for asking this wonderful question!!

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What is the most likely cause for my car stereo to only work sporadically?

Bad wiring connection or internal wiring connection in the stereo

Is there a remote control that will work with my TV, DVD player, and stereo system?

Yes, a universal remote will work with all of those.

Does the iPod radio remote only work for an iPod touch?

no, it is also in a ipod nano 6gen!

Which speakers work best with an Ipod?

Any set of good speakers will work great with an Ipod.It's only a source.If your speakers work well with your stereo they'll be great with an Ipod.

Will these Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones work with your iPod or laptop?

yeah , they do

Can you play your iPod on your Bose?

Your iPod should have some wire or connection to work with your Bose music system.

How do you get Internet connection on your iPod touch?

You must be in a place with a Wi-fi connection or else it won't work

How to make USB port on my clarion stereo work?

Can you make cd changer cord on a clarion 7770 work an ipod

What is the purpose of Remote Desktop Connection?

Using Remote Desktop Connection you do not have to be at that computer to work in it. You can use this for fixing problem or help to someone to fix a problem, because you can see what they are doing.

Does the Microsoft lifechat lx-3000 stereo headset work with the iPod?

Nope. It has a USB wire.

Your Wii remote will not work when you plug the nunchuck in.How do you fix this?

Check and see if the connection between the Wii remote and the Nunchuk is secure.

How do you fix the push notification service on your new iPod touch when it wont work for any of your apps?

The push notification on an iPod Touch will only work when the iPod Touch has an active connection to a network. If the iPod Touch is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will be unable to receive push notifications until its next network connection.

Will headphones for a ipod work for a droid phone?

Yes on the remote the middle button can be used for play/pause the volume buttons won't work

Can a apple product with no icloud be traced?

Without an internet connection, no remote tracking software can work in tracking.

1995 LHS. What frequency does the stereo need to be on for the remote CD player to work?

radio needs to be on 88.3 or 88.5 FM frequency.

You just installed a new car stereo in civic but the power on the stereo doesnt come on?

Check the fuses, remote wire, and power wire first of all. If that doesn't work you might have wires loose somewhere.

Will remote access work on mobile devices?

Access Remote PC is a computer program that lets you access your PC from another PC via the Internet, LAN, or phone connection and work on your computer all the day.

Which iPod models have Internet capability?

All of the iPod touch generations have internet capabilities. Although they have internet capabilities, there must be a wifi connection in order for the internet to work.

How do you install your iPod Nano into a BMW with no connection?

You can plug your iPod to the factory BMW radio using the iPod interface for your vehicle , this will plug into the CD hcanger connection, the 3 pin and 6 pin plug will work for iPod , you have to remove the CD changer full iPod controls from the BMW radio, it will display all the iPod text on the radio and cluster do a search on yahoo for ( dice i-BMW-t/5v )

How much does a PS3 remote cost?

Under $20 and they are too play DVDs and Blurays on your PS3 instead of the Controller, which will work. My Sony HDTV remote works after an HDMI connection

Do you need wifi to use skyp on ipod 4g?

Yes you have to have internet connection for skyp to work. :) HAPPY SKYPING

How do you get internet on an iPod touch?

You have to open up the safari. If there is no connection it will not be connected and it will not work. Check the upper left hand corner to see if you have a connection. If you do please call apple.

What is span remote desktop connection?

Span Remote Desktop Connection appears to have just been released...its basically Remote Desktop updated to work on dual monitors. I have just come across this and had not seen it prior to now. The company I work for uses a mixed computing environment with standard pcs and Wyse Terminal Thin Clients. Its on the Wyse V90L XPe client that I found the standard remote desktop connection...but also found 2nd shortcut titled "Span Remote Desktop Connection". And using this client with dual monitors I as able to RDP to anything...and use dual monitors. Hope this helps...or at least points you in the right direction. RoweTech

Why won't your iPod touch update to 3.1.2?

i bought the update. but whenever i try to update my ipod to it it says that my connection timed out. i tried reinstalling itunes but that didnt work. What should i do

How do you get internet on your iPod touch?

You have to open up the safari. If you have no connection it will not work. To check if you have a connection look at the upper left hand corner. Then you can go to settings, general, and then you should see a wifi connectivity and then you can add a connection.