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Just got back a month ago from the Philippines. I have an unlocked US version of iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0. Worked like a charm. Hence the word "unlocked" so yeah it will work just fine. Unless you're iPhone 4 is running iOS 4.0.2 and above (which the latest is 4.3.1), then you're out of luck, that is, you cant unlock your iphone through Ultrasn0w. If you plan to go there soon, probably try GEVEY SIM for iPhone 4 as this hardware mod can unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1 to 4.2.1. Retails about $70 but eBay has cheaper ones. But if you are not in a hurry, the Dev Team is trying to crack the iPhone NCK Key that can permanently unlock your iPhone 4 for life. You can wqit for that too. Good luck! iPhone 4 16GB Black iOS 4.0 Jailbroken using Unlocked using ultrsn0w 1.2

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Q: Will and unlocked iPhone 4 from the US work on the Philippines Globe Telecom network?
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Will an unlocked iPhone work on Nextel?

No sorry the Iphone uses a different type network than the Nextel service.

Can the iPhone 4 be unlocked legally?

It is now legal to unlock or jailbreak a iPod, iPhone or iPad in USA. <Edited By dontbother> By buying a Pay As You Go iPhone 4 it is unlocked to any network already (UK Only)

Can you get your iPhone unlocked at a store it is a 4 it runs ips5.0.1 and 4.11.08?

you can have an iPhone unlocked provided it is not subject to a contract. You will need an unlocking code from the network if it was on a contract. it is best to have the phone unreleased by the network then you can upgrade the operating systems without problems when updates are available.

What network is iPhone on?

The iPhone 4, is officially supported ,and sold by Verizon, Sprint, and At&t. Same goes for the iPhone 4S. The At&t version can be unlocked, and can be used on a compatible network. Also, the iPhone 4S is coming to Virgin Mobile, and Cricket Wireless

Will unlocked iPhone work on tmobile?

Yes it will, but it will not support 3G. It works on the Edge network just fine.

Will a unlocked iPhone work on orange?

Yes. Unlocked iPhones do work on the Orange network in Israel. One just needs an appropriate 3G sim card.

Will your iphone work in Guyana?

Yes. But it has to be unlocked. Then put in a digicil sim or whatever. But 3G network might not work. Wifi.

I prefer to buy unlocked phones, how can I buy an unlocked iPhone?

You can visit or visit a local apple store for unlocked iPhone.

Is an unlocked jailbroken prepaid iPhone slower than a att iPhone on plan?

Well you would using the Edge network not the 3G so yes It would be a bit slower.

Which networks can you have an iPhone on?

Now, with the new iPhone 4S it is theoretically possible for the iPhone to be used on any mobile phone network worldwide. For GSM usage (I.E. Sim Card) the iPhone must be unlocked, and a MicroSim must be placed in the iPhone to work. For CDMA use, the iPhone must be flashed to a network, and then additional steps will most likely have to be taken in order for the iPhone to work. If you go to a professional phone store, that flashes, and unlocks phones, then they can do this for you. Also, if you plan to use CDMA, you must get a CDMA iPhone 4S, like one from Sprint or Verizon, then it may be flashed to another CDMA compatible network, or unlocked for GSM use.

Will the Cricket Wireless network work for an I Phone 7 and 7?

A Cricket Wireless PR representative told me personally that the iPhone 7 will work on the Cricket network, and they will be offering it to customers once it is available. Or, if you have your own unlocked iPhone 7, it should work on the Cricket network.

Where can you buy an iPhone in the Philippines?

GLOBE TELECOM, but I think it is OVERPRICED by the Telecom.. in the US it is ONLY $199, which is equivalent for 11k+ here in the PHILIPPINES so think about it before you buy it, I think it is better to buy it in the US than here in the PHILIPPINES! But just in case you really need to buy in the Philippines you can try different popular buy and sell website like You will never get wrong on buying on that website.