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No - the turtle will always view them as food !

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Frogs will eat any other live animal, and that can include other frogs (including their own species).

They don't. Frogs live in and close to fresh water. the ocean is salty and a frog would die if it was exposed to it for any length of time.

No they can live in any waters fresh or not fresh, and on land too.

NO. Frogs will poison the water for any fish. Frogs and all other Amphibians should be kept in a properly set up Vivarium.

Any Species that share the same poison traits, such as... Poison Dart Frogs.

No. Poison Arrow frogs live in tropical regions. Australia doesn't have any tropical regions. You can find them in rainforests of South America and Africa.

Yes, frogs do eat mosquitoes. They live off most any bug they can catch to eat they are not very they don't Yes, frogs eat mosquitoes.

No Minnesota does have toads that could be poisoness.

what layer of the rain forest do poison dart frogs live in?Okipipi live in the understorey of the rain forest and most others do to including the poison arrow frogs. I hope this is useful to you if you disagree than please do not post any harsh statements or comments.

Yes, they can live in any moderate climate, many places have non native popoulations.

Yes of course tree frogs can live in a terrarium mostly any amphibian or reptile can.

The answer depends on what a is and on what element the slider changes.

they are like any other frogs, they live in humid areas and live on both land and (mostly) water.

fish,frogs,bugs,salamanders, and any other amphibian

Almost any fish but not goldfish. Goldfish are good feed for turtles

Red Eared Slider Turtles are aquatic turtles witch means they live in all water.Usually they will want water.If you have any more questions go to

No. Frogs are not mammals of any description. Frogs are amphibians.

Frogs will eat any live animal they can stuff in their mouths, so yes, they are predators.

Frogs have webbed feet for swimming, humans dont, Frogs have gills, Humans dont, and if they do not have gills, then they can hold their breath longer than any human could. Also, Frogs lay their eggs in water, which turn into tadpoles, and then frogs, our young are live born, and can only breathe air throughout their whole life.

they live in hedgerows, fields, open woods, and gardens, they like living where bugs/frogs live, any type off there prey really.

More than likely, the red ear slider will chase and bite at any fish you put in the tank. Once in a while I put "feeder" fish in the tank to give my turtle a little exercise and a live hunt. He enjoys a nice fish dinner.

No, Toads and Frogs lay eggs the one exception is the Nectophrynoides it has been known to give live birth.

bull frogs can live in basicly any part of the world but not all of them are the exact same everyone has to adapt to it's environment

I suggest to NOT release ANY captive turtles. It is highly risky to release any captive raised animal into the wild.

no they dont. frogs dont have hair

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