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Clay tile roofs are actually more stable and will last longer than either asphalt shingles or metal roofs. The ease of installation is significant with asphalt shingles. Metal roofs tend to be noisy and attract lightning. Tile roofs are heavy and need to have stronger roof framing. Metal roofing will take over by far as the world becomes more polluted by garbage and other useless crap. Look at metal, you can have it on your roof and when the roof needs to be replaced, it can be removed and recycled. And, there is no garbage going into the land fills and instead of paying the dumping fee you can have some one pay you for you scrap metal! Tile roofs are heavy so if you where to put this on a house that was not built to hold them you roof you could end up with a flat house! The popularity of composition roofing will surely fade, but it is probable that it will not be to the extent that the product will become extinct worldwide [at least within a century or two].j3h. My opinion: Roofs of the future will be one of three things: First is metal. I don't think it will be as popular as the person who wrote Answer 2 does, mainly because of expense. I used to sell roofing, and when I was in the business painted metal was over $100 per square. Compare that to under $50 for shingles, and you can see it's kind of a hard sell. It performs well if it is installed well. Two things I really like about metal roofing are that you can paint it, and that snow slides off it if the roof pitch is steep enough. Next will be "active" shingle roofs. Dow is developing a solar shingle--a shingle with a photovoltaic panel built into it. I also think someone will figure out a way to capture the solar heat collected by a shingle roof to use in water or space heating. If either comes to fruition, shingle will be even more popular than it is now. And finally, sprayed polyurethane foam roofs will become extremely popular because they insulate well and they're quick to apply.

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Q: Will asphalt shingles fade in popularity and will metal roofing replace them as an environmentally responsible choice for roofing and re-roofing?
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