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If they are warped they can cause shaking when braking.

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Q: Will back rotors cause shaking to?
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1998 ford e150 replaced rotors due to shaking it's back to shaking again what do you do?

Are you sure the rotors are responsible? Check for tires out of round, or poor wheel balancing. Also check thrust angle on wheel alignment. Any of these can also cause shaking.

Why steering wheel and tires shaking when stepping on brakes?

Most common cause is warped rotors.

Car shaking when braking?

Usually this is a sign of warped brake rotors. In order to tell if they are warped at the front, you should be able to feel a pulsing sensation through the steering wheel/brake pedal whilst braking lightly at ~100kmh (60mph). If they are warped at the rear (not usually the case but not unheard of), you may feel a pulsing feeling through the brake pedal and a slight vibration through the seat. In order to remedy this, go and talk to your automotive repair shop who should be able to assist you further and find out what the actual cause may be. They may be able to 'machine' the brake rotors (if they are at fault) so that they are no longer warped. If this is not possible, they may recommend replacement brake rotors. In both cases, it is recommended to replace your brake pads so that they mate perfectly to the rotor surface.

Why is your Chevy Malibu shaking when you brake?

warped brake rotors, have them resurfaced.

What causes shaking in front end when brakes applied?

warped rotors

How do I keep my steering wheel from shaking when my brakes are applied?

Have the front rotors turned on a lathe at a dealership. check brakes and rotors

Ford Expedition shaking when stopping?

If it's only during stopping, I'd say warped rotors. Have the rotors and pads checked out.

What causes a car to have rhythmic shaking when you brake?

One or more of the brake rotors are warped from heat, caused by braking. Riding the brakes or always being on them, are usually the cause.

Changed rotors and brakes on 2000 Malibu ls and a shaking started?

Check the lug nuts

Do warped rotors cause car to shake only when giving it gas?

No, warped rotors will cause vibration when braking.

How do you fix i have this shaking sound when i push on the breaks. what needs to be done to fix it?

Rotors out of round - resurface or replace

What causes thumping noise under car by front tire and a slightly shaking steering wheel that only happens when you brake?

Warped rotors is the most likely cause. Seek professional help.

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