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In the Far East bay leaves have occasionally been used in breast enhancement preparations, but never as a main ingredient. They are included because they are believed to be a stress reducer and reduction in stress levels is believed to help breast growth, since a glandular system free of stress wll function more effectively and is more likely to result in ideal hormone levels in the body. Bay leaves do not in any way provide the body with direct assistance for breast growth.

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What is the meaning of bay leaves in Telugu?

bay leaves mean biryani akku

How many calories 3 bay leaves?

12 calories in 3 bay leaves.

Do bay leaves repel crickets?

Not in my knowledge but bay leaves repel cockroaches.Go to a professional if serious.

What kind of tree do bay leaves come from?

Bay laurel (bay tree)

What types of animals like to eat bay leaves?

The animals that most commonly eat bay leaves are insects. Caterpillars are particularly common on bay leaves, as are aphids. Some mammals eat bay leaves too, such as cows and horses.

What does a bay leaf look like?

Bay leaf (plural bay leaves) refers to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel. Fresh or dried bay leaves are used in cooking for their distinctive flavor and fragrance.Bay leaves can also be scattered in a pantry to repel meal moths, flies and roaches. Hopes this answer helps you out : )

Why are bay leaves and oregano leaves added in cooking meat?

For flavor

Where do Bay Leaves come from and can you eat them?

Bay leaves grow on a tree and can be used in cooking - they are safe to eat = Answer = Bay Leaves come from the sweet bay or laurel tree, known botanically as Laurus nobilis. They are often used as a flavoring for soups and stews, but the leaves themselves are bitter and hard to chew, so are generally discarded after cooking.

What is the meaning of bay leaf in Hindi?

Bay leaves are called 'Tej Patta'. 'Kerry patta' (as stated earlier) is Curry leaves. Two completely different types of leaves.

Why would you give bay leaves to dogs?

Bay leaves are aromatic leaves of the bay plant, often used in cooking soups and stews; they are also featured in recipes such as pot roasts and other hearty meat dishes. Bay leaves are not toxic to humans, but they often have a bitter, intense taste that makes removal of them from the stew after cooking a habit of many cooks. Bay leaves will likely have the same effects on dogs - not toxic (probably), but also not palatable. There is no medical reason to give bay leaves to a dog - they are flavorful, but they are not medicinal or healing. However, I suspect someone somewhere on the internet may have posted information stating bay leaves are good for dogs. There is no scientific evidence suggesting that bay leaves are anything but an aromatic herb useful for flavoring human foods.

Bay leaves in Hindi?

Bay Leaves are called 'Tej Patta' in hindi. Its a kind of spice that is used for to enhance the spicyness and aroma of the dish.

How long can you keep bay leaves?

Bay leaves can be dried and stored in a jar or plastic bag. They can also be stored fresh if placed in the freezer.

How many bay leaves equal an ounce?

Approx 180 leaves to an ounce depending on size of leaves.

Is bay leaves and nettle leaves same and one?

No, they are completely different plants.

How much ground bay leaves equals 1 bay leaf?

About a quarter teaspoon. Because the ground bay leaf is made from dried bay leaves, the flavour is stronger and more intense so you don't need as much.

What are bay leaves?

Bay leaves are an aromatic herb that come from the evergreen Bay Laurel tree, which is native to the Mediterranean. They are used to flavor soups, stews, vegetables and meats. See related link.

Bay leaves in Telugu?

biriyani aaku

What country does bay leaves come from?


Where do bay leaves come from?

We get from cinnamon tree

What is meant by Bay leaves in Tamil?


Do bay leaves get rid of insects?

No, they don't.

What is the Malayalam word of bay leaves?

" Sarvasugandhi"

How do you get rid of weevils in cornmeal?

Bay leaves

What do you use bay leaves for?

to flavore food

How do you repel ants with bay leaves?

A few bay leaves scattered loose on cupboard shelves will repel inspects of many kinds, including ants.

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