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Will carpet from a 1980 Corvette fit a 1977 Corvette?


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The rear portion may have to be modified (underneath the rear window), but it should work otherwise.

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Sure, no problem. Countless have done it.

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Will a 1976 Corvette C3 Hood fit on a 1978 Corvette C3.

Yes, the same frame and basic underpinnings were used for that whole generation. The C3 (1968-1982).

i put 255 60 15 on my 1980 looks great. Steve

Yes, they are a direct fit. TOM

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it depends on what style of 81 corvette, But a doubt it would work.

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You should be able to. The 454 came stock in the '74 which is the same body style.

yes you need spacers on the wheels ecklers sell then

yes..its the exact same thing but different internals and such

Yes, however, the trans, and computer will have to come with it....

Yes.Any c5 wheel will fit any c4 after 1987 without any adapters needed.

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1976 top will not work on an 81' The latches are different.

NO. Do not attempt to do so, as the bumper will be extremely unstable.

No. The 91 Corvette has a larger roof panel than the 88 Corvette's. yes if you change the front anchoring brackets

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Yes. But call the folks at Hooker and get a set of stainless steel headers and sidepipes. They rule.

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