Will cena destrow sheamus

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Right now Sheamus has the championship, but I think John Cena is going to beat him but I think they want to to get the fans excited then win the championship back.

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Q: Will cena destrow sheamus
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Who wins John Cena or sheamus?


Did cena beat sheamus?

At the TLC 2009 PPV, Cena losed the WWE Championship to Sheamus in a tables match. This was Sheamus's first championship reign as the WWE Champion. Afterwards (in the present), Cena has beaten Sheamus many times.

Is cena the WWE chapion?

No. Sheamus is.

Is John Cena and sheamus friends?

John Cena and Sheamus use to hate each other but now Sheamus has turned good so they are now good friends.

When did john cena beat sheamus?

I think the Tribute to the Troops (last night) was taped BEFORE Sheamus beat Cena - according to, Sheamus is still WWE champion.

Is it true that john cena and sheamus are now tag team partners?

Sheamus is now face, and has teamed with Cena at least once.

Who is older John Cena or sheamus?


Is sheamus the WWE chapion?

No........He was but now its Cena

Will Sheamus beat John Cena at TLC?

Sheamus did beat John Cena at TLC 2009 for the WWE Championship. Which was Sheamus's first reign with the title, until losing it at the 2010 Elimination Chamber ppv to John Cena. Where McMahon screwed Cena, putting Cena in a match with Batista, after his original match and losed the title to Batista.

Who wins title from sheamus?

edge or john cena

Is sheamus scares to fight john Cena?

Sheamus does not want face him again he beted him multply times

Who will beat sheamus?

well i think that John Cena is going to beat Sheamus' but!!!!!because at TLC(Tables Ladders and Chairs)sheamus won the WWE championship but John Cena was distracted. so i think that John Cena will try to recaptain again so that he could be the WWE champion.

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