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Will chatting online lead to cheating in person?

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Presumably you're thinking of 'cybering', as a lot of online chat has nothing to do with cheating or with sex. The answer is 'no'. After all, it's possible to 'cyber' someone living hundreds or thousands of miles away, and meeting up with that person would involve all kinds of practical problems.

Incidentally, there are other forms of disloyalty, such as phonesex. I have heard of a husband with a girlfriend in Australia. They 'chat' online and by phone and perform for one another in front of webcams. The man makes little effort to hide this from his wife.

Obviously, if you think your spouse wants to cheat or is actually cheating, it might be an idea to discuss it with him/her and try to find out why.

AnswerSmall things always lead to bigger things. Chatting online is a form of cheating. It is emotional cheating, the person is spending time with someone other than their partner. The partner deserves that attention, not the online person. It is never a good idea for an attached person to chat online with members of the opposite sex, it can definitely lead to in-person meetings and more serious things.
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Does online cheating lead to physical cheating?

Yes, in some cases online cheating can lead to physical cheating. The person cheating online doesn't really consider it cheating because there is no physical contact, but, a few may live in the same area; meet and have physical contact, or, if that is not the case the person cheating online is unhappy for reasons of their own and possibly cheat with someone that lives in their area.

Does sex texting lead to actual sex and is that consider cheating?

* If you are doing something behind your mates back such a texting and becoming sexual which could possibly lead to personally having a sexual relationship with that person then yes, it is cheating. Even if you never meet the person you are texting, but you are both talking about sex with each other it is still considered cheating.

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