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Security personnel at liquor-serving establishments in all states are trained to accept as valid only current, undamaged government issued identification. A good doorman or bartender knows that an expired ID card, especially one expired that long, probably does not truly represent the bearer's identity. The bearer will be noted as a probable criminal, perhaps a gambling cheat, identity thief, or even terrorist. A very common practice among underage drinkers is to present an older sibling or other look-a-like's expired ID card. That being said, it is impossible to say one wouldn't find a lenient or poorly trained doorman. Keep in mind, though that Las Vegas' hospitality industry is well known as one of the most secure in the world. Thus, the chances of gaining entry to a casino or bar there are slim at best. The most likely scenario would be at a smaller, lower-profile establishment.

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Q: Will clubs and casinos in Las Vegas accept an ID that expired 4 months ago?
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