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Q: Will cold soda go flat if removed from fridge?
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Does soda poison you if left open in an aluminum can in fridge?

No. It will go flat though.

Why does warm soda go flat faster than cold soda?

It goes flat faster if it is warm because it has lost a lot more of the fizzy air than the cold soda.

What is a good insulator for a soda can to keep it hot or cold?

microwave to keep it hot and fridge to keep it cold

Why does soda get hot and cold?

because when u out it in the fridge the molecules get cold when its inn room temp its warm

Why does putting a soda can in the refrigerator cool the soda down?

This is because the fridge is cold, and this cold makes the outside of the can cold. Objects get col from the outside, in. Unlike heat, which warms objects from the inside, out,

Why keep soda cold?

soda maintains its carbonation (fizz) better at colder temperatures. This is because the cold carbonation is denser, making it sink, and the heated carbonation is less dense, so it rises and escapes from the soda. the soda becomes flat(no fizz), and nobody wants flat soda.

How do you keep liquids at a constant temperature?

Liquids are kept at a constant temperature by exposing them to an external source of heat or cold. A good example is placing a can of soda in the fridge where it will remain chilled until removed.

How long does it take for soda to go flat?

soda pop can go flat with in a day. just keep it cold and your good, but if hot or room temp it has a great chance at going flat in a day soda pop can go flat with in a day. just keep it cold and your good, but if hot or room temp it has a great chance at going flat in a day

Why does warm soda pop go flat faster than cold soda pop?

co2 is less soluble in hot water than cold

How can you keep a bottle of soda from going flat?

You can keep a bottle of soda from going flat by buying an object that pumps air into it. If you don't have one, squeeze the air out of your bottle and put it back in the fridge. You could also just drink it, then it won't be flat.

Do you put soda pop in a car?

If it's the winter and the car is cold, then yeah, I use the car as a fridge

Why did the baking soda and vengier get cold?

Because someone put them in the fridge. However if you mix them together Baking Soda and Vinegar get cold in a reaction called an endothermic reaction (which absorbs heat energy).

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