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I believe the answer is yes - once sensors can match or beat film in terms of depth (the range of intensity they can record) and the amount of noise produced. It may occur gradually as die-hard film users retire. But it will happen in my opinion.

The question isn't If! It already has. I mean, you don't see many people- other thna those that are just studying Photography- still using Film SLR's. I've used Film SLR's in the Past, and have completely left it in the dust. From around a year ago, I've been Using Digital SLR's, more convenient, equal image quality, and you aren't limited ( to much ) Who'd rather change rolls of film, when you can shoot 5 Frames per second, and not stop. Digital Photography has already taken over- I can't say film is dead, but suffering from a terminal disease. Manufactures, like Canon, and Nikon, will soon stop Making Film SLR's- So you'll have to shoot Digital.


An Historian and Archivist adds

Although most photographers have made the switch to digital there is still a niche that will remain film based for perhaps the next generation. That niche is archival Photography, which includes microfilm and preservation of important legal documents. Not that digital archives are not important, but if a legal question comes up the film record will hold up better in a court of law better than a digital because of the ease of which fraud can be commited with digital imaging.

----------------------- It definitely has already occurred. Film offers no real benefit over digital, and I think the last of the old time pros have switched. Some of them left kicking and screaming, but 99% have migrated. There are some people who "just like film." Some digital cameras now have secure one-way hash functions built into them for evidence preservation where if the picture is altered after the fact, the hash won't be correct. It's not perfectly secure, but I'm sure its designed to address the issue above.

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What is traditional photography?

Traditional photography is darkroom photography, which uses film and chemicals to develop film and prints as opposed to digital photography, which uses digital cameras and computers.

What is film photography?

Photography using film, rather than a digital camera.

What is the difference between traditional photography and digital photography?

I'm guessing that traditional photography would be with a SLR camera using film. & Digital photography is, well digital.

What are some difference between film photography and digital photography?

Film photography takes a lot more focus since you can't automatically see it or edit it like you can a digital photo.

What are the similarities of Film Photography and Digital Photography?

The fundimentals of photography are very similar for both film and digital photography. Composition, exposure, lighting and preparation of the subject are both very similar in either case. They only differ once an exposure is made.

When did digital technology replace printing plates?

Digital never really replaced Plates/Film Plate and Film Photography is still being used today, but the major outbreak of Digital Cameras was in the late 1990's early 2000's

What is the diffrence between conventional photography and digital photography?

Conventional photography usually means the camera records images onto film. Digital photography involves an electronic form of saving the information.

What is the difference between wet photography and digital photography?

processing film chemicals used /unused

What is the workplace like in photography?

It depends on what type of photography you do. For example, if you do wedding photography you probably be doing more on site jobs then if you work with studio photography. If you do digital more then film the work places are different too, because you use a computer for digital and a darkroom for film.

What lighting is better for digital photography?

Film or digital, there is no difference with respect to lighting effects or requirements.

How was the digital camera made?

Some people thought that digital photography would offer some advantages over film-based photography, so they developed digital cameras.

What are the benefits of photography with digital cameras opposed to film cameras?

with digital photography you can see your picture in an instant. If you don't like the picture you can erase it and take a new one. This is not possible with a film camera.

What method of photography was the main source of photos before digital photography came into use?

Film cameras and film stock to take the photos...

How does conventional photography differ from a modern photography?

Conventional photography uses film while modern photograhp mainly uses digital.

What has the author Glenn Rand written?

Glenn Rand has written: 'The portrait' -- subject(s): Portrait photography 'Digital photographic capture' -- subject(s): Photography, Digital techniques 'Film & digital techniques for zone system photography' -- subject(s): Zone system (Photography) 'Teaching Photography'

what is SLR digital photography?

SLR digital photography is the process by which the film devleops the pictures. It is printed out as a single lens rather than a gloosy photograph type.

What is the difference between traditional photography and digital?

Traditional Photography records light from a camera on to film, digital records the light on to a light sensitive digital CCD that transferrs the image into data and records it as a digital file.

Is the element silver widely used in photography?

It is widely used in standard film-based (pre-digital) photography.

What is difference between digital photography and conventional photography?

Convenional photograhy uses film which has to be developed and then put in an enlarger.

What are the differences between manual and digital photography?

It depends on your camera. For example if you use Nikon Film camera in your work - it's called manual photography - and if you shoot photos with Nikon D60 - it will be digital photography.

What are the major pressures that affected Fuji Film in the business environment?

The emergence of digital photography

What has the author Steve Sint written?

Steve Sint has written: 'Digital wedding photography' -- subject(s): Wedding photography, Photography, Digital techniques 'Digital wedding photography' -- subject(s): Wedding photography, Photography, Digital techniques 'Wedding photography' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Handbooks, manuals, etc, Wedding photography 'Digital still life photography' -- subject(s): PHOTOGRAPHY / Business Aspects, Photography, Still-life photography, Digital techniques 'The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography (A Lark Photography Book)'

Why did Polaroid stop production of its instant film and cameras?

Digital photography pretty much devastated all film and other chemical processed photography including Polaroid "instant" prints.

What is wet photography?

Wet photography is using film, chemicals, darkroom and photographic paper. (Since the chemicals are wet.)Dry photography is using digital camera, computer and printer.

When did digital photography start?

Digital Photography started in the early 2000s

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