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Urine tests are pretty standard, so it may pick up on if the urine was diluted but may not pick up the diuretics unless this is one of the things this drug test is programed to detect.


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yeah dude, i'd watch out if i were you. if you're about to take a drug test you're screwed. have fun in prison.

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No. They will just make you pee more.

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Q: Will diuretics cause meds to not show up in a drug test?
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Do antiviral Meds like valtrex show up on a five panel drug screen?

No. The antiviral Meds like valtrex will not show up on a five panel drug screen.

Will heart meds show up on a drug test?

Depends on the drug test but the typical DOT Safety drug screens do not test for cardiac related drugs.

Does fastin show up in urine screen?

Yea. The Fastin XR will show as MT on a 12 screen panel

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it is a drug

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No, pre employment drug screens do not screen for lisinopril, but you should be able to put what ever meds you are currrently taking on the pre screen questionaire.

Can sperm cause a girl to to show positive in a drug test?

No. They can cause a girl to show positive in a pregnancy test, though.

What causes false positive for Benzodiazepines?

look for " -drugs that can cause false postive drug test" you will be suprised what all shoes up inncorrect,my seroquel xr says on the information pamblet that it will show up methadone, on the web site i just gave you it says for zoloft can show up benzos,acid reflux meds can show up marijua,antibiotics can show up for cocaine

What drugs cause meprobamate a positive drug screen?

WHr class of drug is meprobamate and how will it show up on a drug screeen

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Will this drug cause you to test positive for THC

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No, this thyroid medication will not show up on a drug triage screem.

Can having a tooth pulled cause a drug test to show amphetamine?