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It is not clear just what it is that is being asked. If you're illegal, you're illegal. If you domestically assaulted someone and they take you into custody, you will be deported. If your domestic partner assaulted you, they can be charged, but you will still be deported.

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Q: Will domestic violence charge against a legal spouse short cut residency for an illegal alien?
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Is Domestic Violence illegal in Ohio?

Domestic violence, attacking another individual in a harsh manner, is not legal anywhere. This crime is chargeable with time in jail and fees. In Ohio, domestic violence is illegal.

Why is it illegal to stalk?

Because in most states, stalking is considered domestic violence, and domestic violence is against the law. Stalking may be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the acts committed.

Can an illegal immigrant become a citizen after domestic violence?


When did domestic violence made illegal?

Domestic Violence is really nothing more than an "assault"and assault has ALWAYS been unlawful.

When did domestic violence become illegal?

well its hard to have an answer,but it just depends on how you control and do that type of violence,and watch out because:ITS NOT ILLEGAL!

Can you buy a gun in Colorado if you have a domestic violence misdemeanor?

If you have been CONVICTED of domestic violence, FEDERAL law makes it illegal to possess a firearm anywhere in the US.

If an illegal alien files a domestic violence charge against her spouse will it help her become a citizen faster?

No, because laws apply to humans, not extra-terrestrials.

Illegal Us citizenship involve in Domestic violence?

If arrested, you will be deported.

What is it called when you beat your wife?

Domestic violence, assault, illegal acts, a crime.

Is it wrong to steal a girl away from her boyfriend if the cirumstance included domestic violence?

If the boyfriend is beating the girl, or otherwise, causing violence toward her, it is correct to take the girl away, and you should call the police. Domestic violence is illegal, and steps need to be taken to protect victims of domestic violence. Tell your parents, tell your teachers, tell the police. Domestic violence is wrong, and should be stopped.

What happens if an illegal person is charged with domestic violence in California?

Defilely they'll be deported it

Is there any state that still allows domestic violence?

No. Assault in almost all forms is illegal.

Can an illegal alien with a police record of domestic violence become an American citizen?

No, domestic violence is considered a felony that is punishable by incarceration. In addition, people who commit domestic violence are usually people who lack self-control, and could very well exhibit violent behavior in other ways as well. If a person is arrested for domestic violence once they have been allowed to enter the country, they risk deportation.

Possession of illegal gun Texas?

--------- Not enough info to answer. What kind of "illegal gun?" Is the weapon illegal or is the person possessing it, in illegal posession of it (i.e.: convicted felon, or convicted of domestic violence)?

Can an illegal alien obtain a green card from domestic violence in the u.s?

No. Alien would have to first make her/his stay legal before starting any immigration benefits.Case of domestic violence could be an advantage to start the ball rolling.

What does it mean to be an illegal immigrant but have permenent residency?

There is no such thing, if you're illegal you do not have legal permanent residency.

What year did domestic violence first become illegal?

1871, the state of Alabama removed the right of men to beat their wives.

One of Bush's major domestic policy initiatives was?

a campaign against illegal drugs.

Is domestic violence illegal in the UK?

Domestic abuse, including violence, is a crime in the UK and is covered by various laws, including:Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004Children's Act 1989Family Law Act Part IVDomestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1976The attitude towards domestic violence has changed greatly over the decades, with matrimonial rape only being outlawed in 1991. There has also been a climb in reports of domestic abuse and in 2013, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) achieved its highest conviction rates for Domestic Violence, with 74.3% of cases resulting in conviction.

Can illegal alien file domestic violence?

(in the US) Yes, you can. EVERYONE, regardless of your status, is entitled to both the protections (and the sanctions) of the law.

Is it illegal for a person that has domestic battery charges to have a granade and firearms in his possession?

Well, without an NFA destructive device permit, a live grenade would be illegal for anyone, regardless of their record. An inert dummy would not be. Firearms are illegal for anyone with a domestic violence conviction to purchase, possess, or be granted access to.

Can anybody buy guns in US?

No. You must be an adult, not have been convicted of a felony or any crime of violence against a domestic partner. You cannot have been legally found to be mentally incompetent, wanted for arrest for a crime, a drug addict or illegal alien.

Why are Christians against violence?

because one of God, our Lord's, commandments was to be honest and not violent so it would seem illegal to do it as it is against our beliefs and culture

Can you buy a gun with a misdemeanor in ca?

Depends on the misdemeanor. While most are NOT a disqualifier, a misdeameanor conviction for domestic violence or for illegal drug use CAN be a disqualifier.

Can you own a gun in Texas if you were charged in Texas with family violence but not convicted?

The federal Brady Law prohibits federally-licensed gun dealers from selling firearms to, among others, persons convicted of any felonyxvi or a domestic violence misdemeanor.xvii Persons subject to a domestic violence restraining order also are prohibited from possessing guns.xviii A March 1999 federal district court ruling in rural Texas found that a defendant's rights under the Fifth Amendment were violated because he was not notified that the domestic violence restraining order issued against him made it illegal for him to possess a gun. The decision implies that domestic violence offenders subject to restraining orders should be notified that they are prohibited from possessing guns. The ruling is under appeal. Some observers have noted that some judges may be issuing fewer domestic violence restraining orders because they do not want to confiscate guns. The problem appears to be more prevalent in rural areas -- although there are no studies on the issue yet. The International Association of