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It will swell but not enough to make you look pregnant.

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Q: Will getting your navel pierced cause swelling and make me look pregnant?
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What is the cause for teenage girls getting pregnant?

have sex

Is it normal for a freshly pierced tongue ring to sink in the tongue a little bit?

No, the barbell is too short and your tongue is swelling. The barbell should always be longer for new piercings due to swelling, contact your piercer to see about getting a longer barbell. If left the tongue will swell to a point that will cause the barbell ball to be pulled into the tongue, get on some ice to control the swelling and contact your piercer.

Are you pregnant if your feet swell?

No, not every reason of swelling of feet is pregnancy, it may be the cause of other health problems.When you're pregnant you'll know it by yourself.:)

Can strep cause facial swelling?

Yes it can cause facial swelling.

Can getting pregnant soon after a miscarriage cause birth defects?


Does the size of your tongue matter when getting it pierced?

Not all tongues are the same and with that in mind as the tongue gets longer the tongue also gets thicker which mean the piercer must account for the thickness when selecting a correct initial barbell for the piercing. Swelling can cause serious issues during the healing process and the barbell must be long enough to account for the swelling.

Can you drink a alcoholic beverage if you just got your belly button pierced?

You really shouldn't. Alcohol is a blood thinner so it increases swelling and it can cause the piercing to bleed more.

Can getting your belly piercing harm baby?

The needle doesn't go in THAT deep! I would recommend waiting until the baby is born to have it done, tho; the swelling from being pregnant could cause a fresh piercing to migrate.

Danger to 14 year old getting pregnant?

cause she WILL abort

Does getting punched in the stomach at 4 weeks pregnant cause miscarriage?


Can low potassium cause leg swelling?

Low potassium does not cause leg swelling.

What foods can cause swelling?

If someone is allergic to a food, like peanuts, that can cause swelling.

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