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To "break the internet" it would take a whole lot more then just Googling Google. This rumor became popular with a British sitcom "The IT Crowd". During season 3, the IT employees at a major corporation located in Britain told their supervisor that Googling Google will break the internet. The supervisor, who was computer illiterate (she did not know what IT stood for), passed this information to the other managers at the company.

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What happens when you google google on google while using google to google google on googling about googling google to google google with google?

nothing out of the ordinary, shockingly enough. No, the internet doesn't break. When you google google, you get google's own googley google home page as the first google hit.

How do you break the Internet?

Try googling google, or you could just unplug the cat 5 from the back of your computer. That will break the internet, but of course you won't be able to check whether it worked or not because the internet is down therefore there will be no news about how the internet crashed

How can you break the Internet?

It is said that you can break the Internet by searching Google in Google, that's not true, it only breaks your computer, no not really. The only way you can break the Internet would be to destroy every single website/server and replace it with nothing and stop all Internet providers from providing it, but that wouldn't really be breaking the Internet it would just be making it useless.

Will Googleing Google break the internet?

No, it will not break the internet. It will however create an immense tear in the space-time continuum, the consequence of which is that the universe will be turned inside out continuously, for the rest of infinity.

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