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No, they won't die. Actually, guinea pigs can eat a lot of different types of veggies and iceberg lettuce is one of them.

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Actually, iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value, but it can make your guinea pig gassy and constipated. I recommend not feeding them iceberg lettuce, but rather replace it with romaine lettuce.

Iceberg Lettuce is not Guinea Pig food and is not a healthy part of their diet. Guinea pigs may eat little pieces of iceberg lettuce as a treat, but will get no nutrition from it other than a little water. Guinea pigs that are given large amounts of iceberg lettuce will fill up on this food which has no nutrition, and it then prevents them from eating as much of their good foods. Eating a diet with lots of iceberg lettuce can cause them to be malnourished, get sick and die if only given iceberg lettuce (sad but true, this lettuce is inexpensive so people may be tempted to give it daily like food- causing their guinea pigs to die of starvation). Guinea pigs need lots of timothy hay and vitamin C rich pellets as the staple of their diet. Things like carrots, oranges, blueberries, green leafy vegetables are great snacks that give them lots of vitamins. Iceberg gives no vitamins, no calories, but makes them feel full- so iceberg lettuce should only be given as a treat in small amounts and try to give them green lettuces instead- the darker the lettuce (spinach) the more nutritional value. Guinea pigs are not allergic to iceberg and will not have an adverse reaction to iceberg- it is safe to give in very small amounts.

dont EVER feed guinea pigs potato skins!! guinea pigs can die from it ( mine did)!! also dont give them cabbage or iceberge lettuce or cauliflower or raw beans shelled nuts/seeds or rubarb or dairy products.

yes of course butdont give them too much of ice burg lettuce it makes them gassy and they could die xx

pigs from guinea what do die in from age old ?

no, guinea pigs do not die easily from wetness.

Um, they die when they are sick or old. Guinea pigs die because of many causes.

Yes Guinea Pigs will die of Vitamin defiecy. Guinea Pigs are prone to Vitamin C defiecy-memyselfandi12312

Guinea Pigs are only allergic to one thing- lettuce if you feed them a couple pieces it wont hurt but too much they can die. NEVER EVER feed them ICEBURG LETTUCE not even one piece.

Guinea Pigs do not hibernate, but, Guinea Pigs cannot be kept in the cold or they die.

Yes guinea pigs can die from fertilizer because fertilizer has a ton of chemicals.

Guinea pigs die exactly at the end of their life.

guinea pigs can die at any time from many causes such as illness injury or just old age. guinea pigs usually live up to 4 to 7 years.

They look like dead guinea pigs. They don't move.

no,your hamster will not die. iceburg lettuce is just really low in vitamins and minerals so it is not reccomended for hamsters.

No, guinea pigs do not hibernate. When exposed to temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit they die.

NO!Not at all! Guinea pigs do NOT have the spine that hamsters have they can break there backs and possibly die.

No They Cant Die From Ringworms :))

No, I've fed them to my guinea pigs before and they were fine. They are not poisonous to guinea pigs. But always be careful about what wild plants you feed your guinea pigs because some are poisonous to them.

No not at all they will die

NO they will die if it is to cold

they can but itll die!

no but it is very unpleasant for them

Guinea pigs and hamsters are just about the same animal, so they die at about the same time.

guinea pigs can die from fright, eating something poisonus to them and some can die from lonliness

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