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Will guitar hero release a les paul for playstation 2?

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The Guitar Hero wireless Les Paul Guitar is for the Xbox 360 or the PS3 or the Nintendo Wii. It may also be in the PS2 guitar Hero 5 Bundle

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Can you use your ps2 guitar hero guitar for your PS3 rock band?

If you have a GH3 Wireless Les Paul guitar with a USB connection then, YES

How do you make a Guitar Hero three guitar work with rock band on Xbox 360?

Just turn on the Guitar Guitar Hero III Les paul work with Rock Band perfectly. WELL YOU HAVE TO SYNC THE GUITARBY HOLDING IN THE SYNC BUTTON ON GUITAR AND PRESSING IT ON THE XBOX ALSO yes bill!

Where can you buy a replacement wireless usb receiver for ps3 Guitar Hero 3?

Hi! Try here>>>>>>> http://www.redoctane.com/Guitar-Hero/Wireless-Receivers/Replacement-Wireless-USB-Receiver-for-PS3-Les-Paul-Wireless-Guitar Hope that helps Driller

Will a Guitar Hero controller work with Rock Band on the Wii?

I believe only the Activision guitar can be used for both games. I have not tried this, but did research it before I bought my guitar. I bought the Les Paul.

What is the price for the game Guitar Hero 3?

£59.98 including wireless Gibson les paul for xbox 360

Will a rock band guitar work for Guitar Hero iii on ps2?

No. Fender Stratocaster controllers (a.k.a. "Rock Band Guitars") WILL NOT function on Guitar Hero games for their respective systems as of May 2008. However, Gibson Les Paul or X-plorer controllers (a.k.a. "Guitar Hero Guitars") WILL function with Rock Band games on the Xbox 360 system and, in fact, are the preferred interface of most players due to the controllers' familiar and more responsive layout. The Gibson Les Paul "Guitar Hero" controller for the PS3 system will not function with Rock Band on the PS3. The Gibson SG "Guitar Hero" controller and its many variants may or may not function with Rock Band on the PS2.

How much is Guitar Hero 3 for PS3 the game and guitar?

alot of mondy trust me so dont buy it Amazon has the wireless bundle for the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock at $97.99 new on December 19 2011 and $89.95 for a used like new game bundle in Factory sealed authentic product -BOX IS DAMAGED - Game only is $22.94 and PS3 Guitar Hero Les Paul Wireless Guitar is $51.42

What guitar is best to use for Guitar Hero?

Most people would agree that the Les Paul Controller (GH3) is the most comfortable and best working, but it's all about personal preference.

Who is Les Paul?

Les Paul was a great guitar player,and helped developed the solid body electric guitar. Find out more about him and the Les paul guitar on his website

Is Paul Revere a hero or villain?

Paul Revere was a hero,He warned us the british were coming.

Why was the Les Paul guitar named after Les Paul?

the answer is that les paul invented the frist soild body guitar he made it in the 1940s

The inventor of the electric bass and guitar?

Les Paul invented the guitar, the bass was invented by Paul Tutmarc

Who makes the best Les Paul guitar?

Gibson makes the best Les Paul guitar by far.

What guitar did James Hetfield play?

what guitar did James Hetfield play? but When? c`mon..If you wanna ask .....ask correct..well...James favourite guitar is Guitar Hero : V (Flying V) ..and he play always guitar hero...so he likes ESP ,Line 6 Variax Acoustic - Used for live performances of "The Unforgiven", Ken Lawrence Explorer #2 - Ken Lawrence Explorer #1 -,, Gibson 1976 Explorer "Rusty" ,Gibson Les Paul Custom , Gibson 1973 Les Paul Custom "Iron Cross"THAT`S ALL :D

What did Les Paul do?

He designed the Les Paul guitar.

Will Guitar Hero World Tour or Guitar Hero 5 instruments work with just the RockBand disc on Wii?

No, they will not. the reason being that the Rock Band instruments come with an input USB Dongle(cable) that lets the system find them. because the only instrument the game will recognize under a Wii Remote is a Mic, Guitar Hero Les Paul, Kramer, and Kramer 2.0 can't be recognized by the game, this also applies to the drum controllers, fortunately, all Guitar Hero Peripherals work with the wii version of Rockband 2, with quite a few songs of the first game up for DLC

On what beatles songs does paul McCartney plays guitar?

In later years, Paul played guitar on a number of songs. The earliest songs on which Paul played guitar were from the Help album. Obviously he played guitar on "Yesterday", but he also played lead guitar on "Ticket To Ride" and "Another Girl".

Who is the father of guitar?

There is no real 'father' of the guitar. Although, the person responsible for the modern classical guitar is Francisco Tarrega. Depending on the guitar, you can conclude who is the father of that guitar. For example: Les paul is the 'father' of Les Paul guitars...and son on.

Who invented the guitar Leo fender or Les Paul?

neither Leo Fender nor Les Paul invented the guitar. They just made a distinctive type of guitar aka Fender guitars and Gibson's Les Paul guitar. The guitar had been around a long time before they were even born.

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