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The perm may be weakened, but it shouldn't destroy your perm.

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Q: Will hair dye ruin your perm?
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Is it better to perm then dye or dye then perm African American hair?

it is better to perm the hair then dye because the chemicals in the relaxer will strip the hair of color. This increases the risk of your hair color being lighter than you desired.

If you water your hair after you get a perm will it make your hair look greasy?

Nope, but it will take the curls out of your hair and ruin your perm.

Do you dye your hair before or after you perm?


How long should you wait to dye hair after a perm?

You should wait two weeks to color your hair after a perm to avoid hair loss. You dye Easter eggs. You color your hair.

Can you use a flat iron on permed hair?

Yes, but it will completely ruin your perm. Be careful. It will not ruin your perm. Your hair will curl back up when you wet it again.

Can you dye your hair before you perm it?

Yes, you can definitely do this.

How long should you wait to dye your hair with store bought hair dye after getting a perm?

about 6 weeks

Can hair dye be applied on wet hair?

Only if it's semi perm

When not to perm your hair?

Okay, you should not perm you hair right after you dye your hair because you will be damaging your hair even more and the damage you are causing on your hair already will be increased.

How long after you dye your hair can you get a perm?

At least 2 weeks.

Is it better to get your hair permed then dye it?

It depends do you want a different hair color or a perm

How long after a permanent dye can you perm your hair?

you will have to wait for 1 week after the the hair color.

What chemicals would a hairdresser use?

perm situations hair dye, and hair spray

Can you dye your hair right after a perm?

Really you would need to ask your hairdresser, but honestly i think you can but then your hair would be wet and loose it's perm so it's very pointless. It's best to wait at least 2 weeks after the perm before you dye your hair.

Can you straighten your hair after getting a perm and keep the perm afterwards?

Have you ever gotten a perm before? No, you are not supposed to, it would ruin your perm. {Perm means somthing along the line of PERMANENT!!}

Can you wet but not wash your hair after you get a perm will it ruin the perm?

When you get a perm the hair is in a fragile state. You should not wet it or shampoo it for 48 hours (2 days) after you have had your hair permed because if you do you will damage all the hard work you've done.

Can black people dye their hair?

yes we can...........its better if we do it when our hair is perm free.....because if its not done by a hair stylist our hair will fall out

Will flat ironing your hair ruin your perm?

Flat irons do not ruin perms but the more you use it the less curly or wavier your perm will be so don't be a straightner addict like me and us it everyday.

Will chlorine ruin black hair dye after applying?

It Shouldn't

Should you dye your hair before you perm it?

It is usually suggested that you don't mix the chemicals in perm solutions and hair dye together. However, it is best for you to dye your hair first considering the chemicals in the dye weaken over time. Where as perm solution strengthens. You do however need to wait AT LEAST 14 days between dying and perming to reduce the risk of extreme damage. It is best if you consult a haircare professional about your specific hair type before taking any action.

You dyed your hair yesterday if you get a perm tomorrow will the perm be more likely to fall out or not take good?

It's more likely to fall out because the hair dye will come out-Alex

Is it best to perm first then dye or dye then perm?

you always perm then colour if you colour then perm the colour would fade andneed to be re-done

Can you Perm and dye the same day?

Yes you can perm your hair and dye it the same day. I always wait to the last minute to choose a certain hairstyle, and have really needed a perm and really wanted color so I did both. It really worked fine.

Can hair dye ruin natural hair color?

Yes,it can when you start aging.But for the first few times you dye your hair ,you wont see any damages.

Can you put a perm and semi permanent dye in your hair the same day?

yesss. you can, go for it girl ! :)