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Yes it will.

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โˆ™ 2005-06-23 18:31:50
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Q: Will hair grow back on your head if it has been ripped out?
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Will hair grow back on your head if it has been ripped out and your a women?

yes your hair will grow backwill grow back.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after bening ripped out?

Your hair should start growing in about 4 to 6 weeks. It will also grow on average 1/2 inch per month. its been 2 months and my hair hasent started growing back yet after being ripped out in a fight!!

What happens if your hair gets ripped out?

It'll hurt. But after a while it'll grow back.

Is there something that will stimulate hair grow for hair that has been ripped out?

ApplyingRogaine, or some other men's hair growth treatment, can help the hair grow back quicker than on its own. This, however, could cause irritation to those with a sensitive scalp, or if the area where the hair was ripped out has any sort of broken skin. Check with your hair dresser and read the directions thoroughly before trying this.

If a little kids hair is ripped out will it grow back?

yes because the hair follicles are always would be painful though

When you wax your legs will you eventually stop growing hair?

No; you are only removing the hair, not the cell (follicle) which grows the hair. Waxing your legs doesn't prevent hair growth; it just rips off the hair down to the skin. The hair follicles underneath do not get ripped out, so they grow back the hair that you ripped off when waxing. Many times, though, the hair will grow back finer and in smaller quantities.

Will your 2 year olds hair grow back if it it got ripped out of his head?

Yes, just like everybody else's, it will grow back, and usually faster than an adults.

When snake scales get riped off do they grow back?

yes they do but it hurts them. If I came over to yourhouse and ripped out some of your hair it would grow back right? It would just hurt... alot. same with snakes

Would hair grow back if it burned off?

Hair grows back one way or another. Skin cells in the head will produce the material which sprouts out as hair. If the scalp was burnt and it was scarred your hair may not grow back though. The hair follicles would have been damaged. But if your hair just got burnt it will grow back.

What can you use to grow your hair back?

i used dax hair grease on my hair and it take away some of my hair from the back what can i used to grow it back . the hairdresser use a product on my hair and some of my hair has broken off what can i use to grow back my hair all together

Will your hair grow back if it has been riped out of your scalp?

Yes,give it time!

Does hair grow back after boil on head?

Will my hair grow back after having a boil on my head

If you pull a grey hair will more grow back?

The hair that you pulled out, will grow back grey.

Does Facial hair grow back?

Facial hair does grow back on most people. Facial hair does grow at different rates and thicknesses for each person.

Will pubic hair grow back after you have pulled it?

Yes, it will grow back just like the hair on your head.

When you get a tattoo will hair grow back in the spot where the ink is?

Yes, your hair will grow back over the tattoo

Your eyelashes got cut will they grow back?

Yes eyelashes grow back after you cut them. They are just like your hair so it will take time but if they have been cut off you will eventually grow them back.

Does hair grow back after tweezing?

Yes, the hair grows back. Tweezing only removes the hair, it does not remove the follicle from which the hair grows. and it does not grow back right away

The long hair on your golden retriever was cut will it grow back?

Yes, of course, it will grow back. It's hair.If I shaved your head would your hair grow back? Yes, Yes it would.

Do porcupine quills grow back?

they grow back the same as hair

Do bangs grow back?

The roots of the hair where your bangs was will grow back, but not necessarily into bangs. After the hair grows back you will need to get them cut.

Will hair grow back when ripped out by roots?

Yes, yes it will. It may take a little while, 1 or 2 weeks, to get started but within a month or so you will not be able to tell.

Your hair is trimed will your hair grow back?

Normally yes, but if you happen to be dead at the time of the trimming of the hair then as long as you're dead, your hair will not grow back.

How can you grow your hair out faster?

grow it back let it grow out

Did britney spears' hair grow back yet?

Yes, Britney's hair has started to grow back.