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No, Halo 3 is the latest of the trilogy... Unfortunately it is yet unknown if a halo 4 will come out bugie have not thought much into it, however, the is speculation that the films that has been posponed will shed some light on the question, but at the moment it is unlikly that anoter game will come out as the third installment of the series was titled "Finish the fight"

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Will the internet come to Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is WiFi compatible.

Does the Xbox 360 pro come with the 60GB atached to the Xbox 360?

While it does not come attached to it, it does come in the box with it.

When will madden 2010 come out for xbox 360?

This game will come out for the xbox 360 on august 11, 2009.

Will the Xbox 360 elite come with a discount if you already own a Xbox 360?


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the xbox 360 pro comes with 1 month free xbox live

Does the Xbox 360 come with the harddrive with the new price?

Yes, the XBOX 360 come with the hard drive at new price.

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The Xbox 360 came out in stores in the year of 2005.

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The Xbox 360 comes with one wireless Xbox controller

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Yes, Tekken 6 is scheduled to appear on the Xbox 360.

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will mlb the show come out for xbox 360?

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Telltale has no plans to bring it to Xbox 360.

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it will for Xbox 360.

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Both Xbox and Xbox 360 came out in November.

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xbox controller does come with it

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Xbox 360 games that u already own on the 360 can be sent to your Xbox one with your saved data.

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The Xbox 360 was released in America on November 22, 2005.

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Yes. The Sims 4 was released for the Xbox 360 in 2014.

Does Xbox 360 arcade come with Xbox live?

No, it doesn't "come" with it, but you can get it for free in the Xbox LIVE Games Marketplace.

When will call of duty 5 future warfare come out for xbox 360?

when will call of duty 5 future warfare come out on xbox 360?

Kingdom hearts3 Xbox 360?

Kingdom hearts will not come out for the 360.

Does the Xbox 360 come with a router cable?

If you count a router cable as a ethernet cable, yes. An ethernet cable is what you plug from your xbox into a laptop/router/modem to connect to xbox live. The following SKU's come with ethernet cables. *Xbox 360 PRO *Xbox 360S *Xbox 360 Elite The xbox 360 CORE and ARCADE have no ethernet cables. Hope this helped.

Does xbox 360 arcade come with the harddrive?


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they are planning to

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