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NO... Buyer Beware,

Homeowners insurance policies do not cover pre-existing damage. They also typically exclude damage resulting from "ground movement" as this is a normal expected occurrence throughout the life of a home.

You would look to your buyers home warranty for coverage of an un-disclosed defect of the home you purchased.

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Q: Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation that the previous owners hid under carpeting?
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When purchasing a new home can you get your own homeowners insurance?

Yes, In fact you are required to get your own home insurance when you buy a home. You can not inherit the previous owners insurance policy. The previous owners insurance is null and void the moment they sell the home.

Will homeowners insurance pay to replace siding that was involved in a class action lawsuit but the previous owner did not replace the siding?


Need homeowners policy on property you have occupied 13yrs without previous homeowners policy?

you had no insurance for 13 years? You should qualify for a state plan that will guarantee you coverage - contact a local insurance agent - and expect for the premium to be high

Can you change homeowners insurance companies if you have a claim with the old company?

Sure, So long as you disclose the previous claim to the new company. Failure to inform the new insurance company of previous claims is insurance fraud by omission of a known fact and is a felony offense. Should the new insurer find out that you intentionally tried to conceal the previous claims they can deny any and all coverage under the new policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover damages that the previous owner failed to disclose?

No, the policy is only for occurrences between the coverage dates. You likely didn't start the policy until the closing date so previous damage would not be covered.

When you purchase homeowners insurance why do they have to take pictures of the house and do they take just the outside or do they do the inside as well?

Insurance agencies take pictures of the outside of your home to document any previous damages. Whether they take pictures of the inside is at their discretion.

How much does State Farm Homeowners insurance cost on average?

State Farm actually has no base flat rate for Homeowners Insurance. The quotes vary with the estimated value of assets, previous insurance claims, depreciation, and how many discount packages one will qualify for. Most people end up saving several hundred dollars by switching, but getting a quote is the best way to know for sure.

Does homeowners insurance cover an insect infestation if it was caused by a previous owner?

No, Homeowners insurance does not cover insect infestation nor preexisting damage to a home. Home insurance is for sudden accidental losses, not for home maintenance. This is a home maintenance issue and what an exterminator service is for. Part of any home maintenance plan should include an annual inspection by your chosen exterminator service company. Failure to maintain your home can be a reason for an insurance company to cancel or non-renew your home insurance policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover livestock guardian dogs?

That will depend on the individual insurance carrier. Some will not cover dogs at all, some cover only certain breeds, and some will cover any dog with no previous history of aggression. Ask your insurance agent whether your own policy covers your dog.

How many home owners in the US?

There are over 75 million homeowners in the United States. This is done from previous years as many homeowners have been foreclosed on.

If your home is settling only on one side causing damage to the slab foundation interior walls and floors with no previous problems will your home owners insurance cover the damage?

This is an easy one, NO.

Do I need to change the homeowners insurance when a home is willed in North Carolina?

Sure. When the ownership changes the homeowners insurance must also change. If the owner is not living in the home full time you must change to a different kind of policy. Once a owner is not living in the home for 90 days, coverage ceases no matter whether or not premiums are paid.

Can you get insurance that covers your car for the previous month?


How do you get health insurance with a previous condition?

Simple, you don't admit to having a previous condition.

What happened if you are owner of the car and insurance is on name of previous owner then can you claim insurance?

The insurance company, once things get sorted out, will probably deny your claim. On top of that, the previous owner screwed themselves, because their insurance will go up.

What if I don't claim I had a previous accident when buying new car insurance?

You might get better insurance rates if they don't find out you're lying. A new insurance company will likely check your driving record with your previous insurance companies though.

Who is Primarily interested in Total insurance premiums compared with previous year?

Senior manager is primarily interested in Total insurance premium compared with previous year.

When you switch Home Insurance companies is the previous company still on the hook for a previous claim?


Can insurance tell if your car has been total loss by previous owners when you take out insurance?


Was aviva life insurance previous named norwich life insurance?

Previously, it was known as Norwich Union.

How do I get previous homeowner insurance records?

Contact your insurance agent and have hin run a loss history on the property address

How do I get previous owners insurance?

You can not legally obtain a previous vehicle owners insurance information. Insurance policies and associated information are protected under state and federal privacy laws. There is no legitimate legal reason for anyone to want the previous vehicle owners insurance information. The previous owners auto insurance would have automatically terminated and all Insurer obligations ceased when the vehicle was transferred to another owner. Any previous insurance would have been for the benefit and protection of the named insured at the time and no benefit at all would transfer to a new owner. In short, The new owner has no right of claim against a previous owners insurance. If your just interested in the vehicle's history you can try a service such as Car Fax or the like to get those records without breaking the law and invading someone elses privacy.

Can homeowners drop you before the work claim is done?

If they have reason to do so Yes, However any previous claims will still be processed

What do you do after buying a car from a previous owner?

Get insurance, a tag and a the title in your name

Can insurance companies claim lapse of coverage in a situation where a purchase of home is thru a relative who maintains their coverage on the home until move in of the relative who purchased the home?

Yes. The previous owners insurance policy coverage does Not pass through to a new owner. You can not ride off the previous owners insurance policy.If all you had was the previous owners insurance policy, Then you had no insurance at all. You and your property were effectively uninsured. If a loss occurred, payment would be denied based on the fact the the named insured (previous owner) no longer has an ownership interest in the property and the new owner never contracted for an insurance policy. The old policy does not belong to you as a new owner.The previous owners policy was a contract specific to that named owner and his or her owned property with the insurance company and was between them. Once they sell, it is no longer their property. A new owner is not a named insured under the terms of the previous owners policy. The previous owner being a relative does not change this..When a property sells or changes hands the previous owners Insurance Policy ceases the exact moment down to the exact hour minute and second of the day the property changes hands. All coverage under the previous owners policy stops, it is null and void whether or not the insurance company has yet been notified of the change in ownership.The new owner has a responsibility to purchase and qualify for his or her own insurance coverage. All Property Insurance policies are like this and it is clearly stated in the terms of the insurance contract.